It's been out for a week, but we feel like we're only just getting started with the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 remake.


Its new selection of weapons, cinematic campaign and addictive multiplayer are proving it to be an epic round-off to the trilogy.

Especially the new Zombies mode, with its huge map, epic story and wide array of challenges.

One such challenge is obtaining the schematics for the ray gun. It's a great weapon that every zombie slayer should have in their arsenal, but getting the blueprints to make it can prove tricky.

So, how do we get them? Let's take a look... you'll be vapourising zombies in no time.

How to get Ray Gun Schematics in CoD MW3

Unfortunately for all you old-school sci-fi fans, the ray gun is one of the Ultra Rare items in the game. Which means, of course, that it's not an easy find.

There's a tiny chance you'll get the gun itself in the Mystery Box, but this is unlikely. And it's far better to obtain the blueprints so you can make the gun any time.

To get these blueprints, you'll need to complete contracts in a High Threat Zone. Once you've finished them, there's a chance the ray gun schematics will be in the reward rift.

As it's a rare item, though, you'll probably have to complete a few contracts before it presents itself in the rift. But it is worth the effort, because the ray gun is a powerful weapon that you'll appreciate having in your arsenal.

Good luck!

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