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Brie Larson reveals her Fortnite Locker Bundle in surprising new video

Will you join Brie Larson's Bush Babies?

Brie Larson has her own Fortnite Locker Bundle.
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Published: Thursday, 15th April 2021 at 2:33 pm

Brie Larson has been showing her love for Fortnite again, with the Captain Marvel actor putting her stamp on the game with a special Locker Bundle.


Larson is famously a massive gamer, and her fans will remember that last year she did rather a lot of promotion for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

But Fortnite seems to Larson's main focus today, with a video on her Twitter feed revealing the actor's unique crossover with Epic Games' iconic battle royale game. Read on for all the details!

Brie Larson Fortnite items revealed

"I have taken over the Fortnite Item Shop and I have my own locker," an excitable Larson announced in the aforementioned Twitter video.

A new version of the Bush Ranger is included among the Brie Larson Fortnite items, a range which is apparently inspired by Larson's "real life squad" which calls itself The Bush Babies.

Larson revealed that this new Bush Ranger even has a 'BB' necklace, which stands for Bush Babies. And she told her fans, "If you buy this Bush Ranger, I guess this means you're part of my squad."

The other items in Brie Larson's Locker Bundle are a Buzzy Bag back bling, the Honey Hitters harvesting tool, and two emotes (called Freemix and Glitter). "It just wouldn't be me if I didn't include an emote that had some glitter involved in it", Larson explained in the video.

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How to get the Brie Larson Fortnite Locker Bundle

If you want to pick up this Brie Larson swag, all you need to do is boot up Fortnite and follow some simple steps. As long as you've got the latest version of Fortnite installed, you should see a big news item about Brie Larson's bundle as soon as you open the game.

Head over to the Item Shop in the game's Battle Royale mode, and you'll see a brand new selection of gear under the title 'Brie Larson's Locker Bundle.'

The price for the bundle, which includes the five items mentioned earlier, is 2,000 V-bucks. This is said to be a saving of 1,000 V-Bucks, so it's not too pricey a proposition.

Does Brie Larson play Fortnite?

Making it pretty clear that she really does play Fortnite, Larson said in her recent video on Twitter: "I'm probably gonna release my screen name soon, so that you can try and find me."

Larson also took part in an official Nintendo publicity video last year, which included some footage of the actor playing Fortnite. You can watch that below.

Speaking to Elle last year, Larson revealed her history with Fortnite, saying, "My 12-year-old neighbour got me into it, which I don't know, maybe that's every adult's origin story in Fortnite.

"She got me into it, and my boyfriend and I then started playing. I was kind of addicted, and I think part of why I liked it so much is because they're shorter rounds. So it's easier to fit in in the day. And it's teamwork. I mean, you can do a solo round of course, but I liked the fact that it made us have deep conversations about, you know, when is the proper time to revive someone? Is it OK to drink heals before you revive someone?

"And you talk about what I think are deeper moral questions about love and respect and teamwork. And so I'm learning a lot in this virtual world that I'm taking forward into my life when it comes to how I can be more respectful and caring of other teammates."

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