Sonos smart speakers and soundbars are consistently some of the most searched for when it comes to Black Friday sales, and this year has proved no different. What is different about the 2022 UK sales is that Sonos has actually gotten involved this year.


That's right, there are some superb Black Friday deals from Sonos themselves – and a lot of them. If that wasn't enough, UK retailers such as Amazon and Very have done their very best to match them – and in some cases even beat them.

Some of the best deals we've seen include 26% off this Sonos Roam SL — now just £118, and the biggest saving from Sonos itself is the £100 off the Beam (Gen 2).

The offers on the Sonos website end tomorrow (Monday 28th November) so we recommend acting fast if you're set on getting a new Sonos smart speaker or soundbar for Christmas.

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Best Sonos Black Friday deals for 2022 at a glance

Best Sonos Black Friday deals to buy this weekend

Sonos Roam SL | £159.99 £118 (save £42 or 26%)

Sonos Roam SL

Already the most affordable offering from Sonos, this is a great saving with 26 per cent off.

It automatically pairs with your Wi-Fi at home and will switch to your device when you leave. Perfect for adventures, it is not only shock-absorbent and dustproof but is also water-resistant. It can be submerged in up to one metre of water for 30 minutes!

Sonos Roam SL | £159.99 £118 (save £42 or 26%) at Amazon

Sonos Roam | £179 £124 (save £55 or 31%)

Sonos Roam

This speaker is designed to give you the optimum listening experience, wherever you are.

With 10 hours of battery life, the Sonos Roam shares similar features to the Roam SL. The main difference is the microphone button on this model, which means it can be voice controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for maximum convenience.

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Sonos Roam | £179 £124 (save £55 or 31%) at Amazon

Sonos One | £199 £159 (save £40 or 20%)

Sonos One

This powerful smart speaker is designed to fit seamlessly anywhere in your home. Accessible by voice control, the speaker is not only perfect for listening to music with top-quality audio but can also let you check the news, ask about the weather, set alarms and a host of other features.

This is a great price if you are thinking about getting two speakers and pairing them for a surround-sound experience.

Sonos One | £199 £159 (save £40 or 20%) at Very

Sonos Roam Charging Set | £223 £183 (save £40 or 18%)

Sonos Roam Kit

In this bundle set, buy the Sonos Roam with its wireless charger. As the speaker alone usually sets you back £179, this is a great deal. The charger includes magnets to make charging as quick and seamless as possible, so you can take the speaker out and about with you with up to 10 hours of charge.

Sonos Roam Charging Set | £223 £183 (save £40 or 18%) at Sonos

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) | £449 £349 (save £100 or 22%)

Sonos Beam (Gen 2)

If you're looking to enjoy a full cinematic experience in your own home, this is the way to go. The soundbar offering from Sonos can be voice controlled or accessed through the Sonos app or Apple AirPlay2.

The soundbar means you can experience panoramic sound and clear dialogue whether you're watching your favourite films, TV or games.

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) | £449 £349 (save £100 or 22%) at Sonos

Sonos Move | £399 £384.89 (save £14 or 4%)

Sonos Move

The premium portable speaker option from Sonos, the Sonos Move is designed to bring the party wherever you go. Garden party? No problem. Pool party? The Move has got it covered.

Not only is this speaker weatherproof, but it is also drop-resistant with a tough durable shell. It will also tune into your surroundings using the automatic Trueplay feature.

Sonos Move | £399 £384.89 (save £14 or 4%) at Amazon

Sonos Arc | £799.99 £685 (save £115 or 14%)

Sonos Arc

This premium soundbar from Sonos is now available for £115 off from Amazon.

The arc is significantly larger than the Beam, so we'd recommend you get this if your TV is 49 inches or larger. It also is a really good option if you're looking to fill a large room with sound, as it has more digital speaker drivers.

Sonos Arc | £799.99 £685 (save £115 or 14%) at Amazon


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