#WomensWords is a new campaign giving a platform to brilliant female screenwriters, from the big-name stars behind our favourite dramas to the up-and-coming writers poised to shape our TV viewing.

We want to shout about these achievements because women are still hugely under-represented in the television industry – and that’s a problem. Just 18% of TV programmes are predominantly written by women, according to a recent Writers’ Guild report, and that figure falls to only 14% when it comes to primetime TV. 

Without women’s voices represented, we’re missing out on brilliant telly: shows to make you laugh and think and cry, whether that’s a sci-fi adventure or a relationship drama or a crime thriller.

So why aren’t women’s scripts being commissioned? What is the situation for female writers in the UK? And at a pivotal moment in the national conversation, how can we create wide-reaching and meaningful change? 

Starting on Tuesday 16th October, Women’s Words will bring you a week of content celebrating and profiling our favourite female screenwriters, exploring how things can get better, pushing for progress on this vital issue, and sharing advice for writers who dream of seeing their work on screen.

Look out for a new article on this page each day and follow the campaign on social media using the hashtag #WomensWords.

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Killing Eve, BBC Pictures

Why are women still so under-represented in TV screenwriting?

Susan Wokoma (courtesy of Susan Wokoma)
Meet Susan Wokoma

"Because you can search the entire world and you are never going to find someone as funny or as talented as that girl. Dead or alive. No one"- Daisy May Cooper

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Screenwriting Tips

Secrets of TV writing success from some of the biggest female writers

Milly Thomas (courtesy of Pip)
Meet Milly Thomas

"I haven’t read anyone quite like Milly before, haven’t seen anyone perform quite like her – I think she’s exceptional" -  Sharon Horgan

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In depth

How do we create more opportunities for female TV writers?

Stacey Gregg (Nina Sologubenko)
Meet Stacey Gregg

"An exciting but more importantly fearless writer, constantly breaking new ground" - Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee

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What to watch

TV shows written by women to look forward to