Meet the cast of 2020’s Silent Witness series 23

Emilia Fox, Richard Lintern, David Caves and Liz Carr are joined by a collection of guest stars for the new series of Silent Witness

Episode 1 & 2 guest stars

Emma Cunniffe plays Jess Fisher 

Emma Cunniffe plays Jess Fisher in Silent Witness

Who is Jess Fisher? In episode one, a private jet has crashed after getting into trouble in British airspace. Jess Fisher is an expert from the AAIB (Air Accidents Investigation Branch), who will work closely with the forensics team and the police to figure out the cause of the crash.


What else has Emma Cunniffe been in? Previous roles have included Janet in series two of Unforgotten, DS Hawthorn in Coronation Street, and Dr Janet Fielding in Doctors. The actress played Claire in a 2011 episode of Doctor Who, Night Terrors.

Adjoa Andoh plays DI Nina Rosen

Adjoa Andoh plays DI Nina Rosen in Silent Witness

Who is DI Nina Rosen? The detective investigating the plane crash.

What else has Adjoa Andoh been in? If she sounds familiar, it may be because she’s the voice of Colonel Casey in Thunderbirds Are Go. Adjoa Andoh’s acting credits include Brenda Mazibuko in Invictus, Dr Jacobs in Fractured, Margaret Rust in Liar, and Francine Jones in Doctor Who – that is, Martha’s mum. She’ll soon star as Lady Danbury in the upcoming TV drama Bridgerton.

Matthew Brenher plays Jonathan Kraft 

Who is Jonathan Kraft? The ex US ambassador, who was a victim of the plane crash. He was also close friends with Nikki’s boyfriend Matt.

What else has Matthew Brenher been in? He starred as Eldar Grossman in Palo Alto, and is also a prolific voice actor in video games (and more).

Rebecca Oldfield plays Miriam Heller 

Rebecca Oldfield plays Miriam Heller in Silent Witness

Who is Miriam Heller? Head of a charity, the Global Crisis Committee, and a passenger on the plane. Her 11-year-old son Ezra (played by newcomer Harrison Abel) was also “along for the ride” on the plane when it crashed.

What else has Rebecca Oldfield been in? She played trainee engineer Erina Lessak in an episode of Doctor Who, and has actually previously appeared in Silent Witness already – playing a character called Miranda Anscombe back in 2006.

Okezie Morro plays Michael Heller 

Who is Michael Heller? Miriam’s husband, and Ezra’s father. He received a distressed phone call from his son while the jet was in trouble.

What else has Okezie Morro been in? Okezie Morro starred as Bryan Hunt in the spooky sci-fi/horror series The Mist, and appeared as Ekene in TV series Shuga.

Edward Hogg plays John Stanley 

Edward Hogg plays John Stanley in Silent Witness

Who is John Stanley? A psychotherapist. Pilot Rowan Cole was one of his private patients.

What else has Edward Hogg been in? In the last few years, Edward Hogg has been seen as Thomas Haxby in Harlots, Godfrey in Taboo, and Varr in Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands. He’s also made appearances in Jupiter Ascending, Nicholas Nickleby, and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

Mat Fraser plays Jim Bell 

Mat Fraser plays Jim Bell in Silent Witness

Who is Jim Bell? Jim is involved in a secret chatroom for troubled men.

What else has Mat Fraser been in? He recently starred in His Dark Materials as a Gyptian, Raymond van Gerrit. Other shows include Loudermilk (as Roger), American Horror Story (as Paul the Illustrated Seal), Cast Offs (as Will), Unarmed But Dangerous (as Jimmy Loveit), and a production of Shakespeare’s Richard III as the monarch himself. Mat Fraser, who has thalidomide-induced phocomelia, is also a musician and drummer who’s played in a series of rock bands and performed at the 2012 Paralympics opening ceremony.

Nathaniel Martello-White plays Kyle Cunningham 

Nathaniel Martello-White plays Kyle in Silent Witness

Who is Kyle Cunningham? Kyle is involved in a secret chatroom for troubled men.

What else has Nathaniel Martello-White been in? Aside from his work on the stage, Nathaniel Martello-White has appeared in TV thriller Collateral (as DS Nathan Bilk), Kiri (as Ade), and Guerrilla (as Dhari Bishop).

Stephanie Levi-John plays Kate Woodman 

Stephanie Levi-John plays Kate Woodman in Silent Witness

Who is Kate Woodman? Kyle’s wife or partner. Their relationship is troubled after the loss of their young son.

What else has Stephanie Levi-John been in? She played Lina de Cardonnes in The Spanish Princess, and appeared as a cop in the Not Going Out Halloween Special.

Florisa Kamara plays Ella Cunningham 

Who is Ella Cunningham? Kyle and Kate’s daughter.


What else has Florisa Kamara been in? The young actress stars as Donna in the Sky drama Bulletproof.