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Meet the cast of 2020's Silent Witness series 23

Emilia Fox, Richard Lintern, David Caves and Liz Carr are joined by a collection of guest stars for the new series of Silent Witness

Silent Witness
Published: Wednesday, 5th February 2020 at 8:40 pm

Silent Witness is back, with our core four returning to the Lyell Centre alongside a crop of new guest stars.


Here are the cast and characters for series 23, airing from January 2020...

Emilia Fox plays Dr Nikki Alexander

Emilia Fox plays Dr Nikki Alexander in Silent Witness XXIII

Who is Dr Nikki Alexander? A talented, tenacious forensic pathologist who works at the Lyell Centre. She arrived back in 2004 and has been an important part of the team ever since. In her personal life, Nikki is in a transatlantic relationship with Matt Garcia (Michael Landes) – which has come with all the challenges of long-distance love.

What else has Emilia Fox been in? Most recently, Emilia Fox has starred as Valerie Profumo (née Hobson) in BBC drama The Trial of Christine Keeler. Born to a family of successful actors, she began her screen career as Georgiana Darcy in the classic 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, and later appeared as Dorota in award-winning film The Pianist. Fox has featured in TV shows including The Casual Vacancy, James Corden comedy The Wrong Mans, The Tunnel, Sky drama Delicious, and John Simm’s ITV thriller Strangers.

Richard Lintern plays Dr Thomas Chamberlain

Richard Lintern plays Dr Thomas Chamberlain in Silent Witness

Who is Dr Thomas Chamberlain? Since series 17, Thomas has been Head of the Lyell Centre, the forensic science institute at the heart of Silent Witness. Aside from being a skilled forensic pathologist with an expertise in toxicology, Thomas is also level-headed and usually has good judgement about what's best for his team.

What else has Richard Lintern been in? Like his Silent Witness co-star Emilia Fox, Richard Lintern has also helped dramatise the Profumo Affair – playing Stephen Ward in The Crown season two (the role played by James Norton in the BBC drama). He has recently narrated the TV documentary series Nazi Megastructures, and previously narrated the Bafta-winning documentary Between Life and Death. In 2013 he played Colonel Lessard in Spies of Warsaw alongside David Tennant.

David Caves plays Dr Jack Hodgson

David Caves plays Dr Jack Hodgson in Silent Witness

Who is Dr Jack Hodgson? The lead forensic scientist at the Lyell Centre, who arrived during series 16. When he isn’t solving tricky murder cases, Jack trains as a cage fighter. We've recently met Jack's dad, Conor Hodgson (Richard Durden), and hopefully we'll get to see more of their relationship in series 23.

What else has David Caves been in? He was recently seen in the TV series 15 Days, and played Clint Hill in the Natalie Portman film Jackie.

Liz Carr plays Clarissa Mullery

Liz Carr plays Clarissa Mullery in Silent Witness

Who is Clarissa Mullery? Clarissa is a witty and multi-talented member of the team who works in the lab. When Jack joined the Lyell Centre, he insisted that he and Clarissa were a package deal; the two of them have an excellent relationship and love to exchange jokes and insults. Clarissa is married to Max Thorndyke (Daniel Weyman), a digital forensics expert.

What else has Liz Carr been in? Liz Carr is an actress, stand up comedian, broadcaster and disability rights activist. She presented the BBC Ouch! podcast for seven years until 2013, and fronted the BBC World Service documentary When Assisted Death Is Legal. You may recently have spotted her in Les Misérables, playing Fantine’s concierge,or as Dr Marlow Rhodes in The OA.

Michael Landes plays Matt Garcia

Michael Landes plays Matt Garcia in Silent Witness

Who is Matt Garcia? Nikki's boyfriend. Unfortunately he lives in Washington and is extremely busy with his job in politics. We first met him in series 21 and since then we've seen them develop a strong, loving relationship.

What else has Michael Landes been in? The actor starred as Jimmy Olsen in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. His other credits include Miranda, Final Destination 2, Hooten & the Lady, Love Soup, Traitors, Angel Has Fallen, and Upstairs Downstairs.

Episode 9 & 10 guest stars

Daniel Weyman plays Max Thorndyke

Daniel Weyman in Silent Witness, BBC, SL

Who is Max Thorndyke? Clarissa Mullery's husband of many years. He is a digital forensics expert who sometimes works with the Lyell Centre.

What else has Daniel Weyman been in? He recently played Dr Kenny in Gentleman Jack, and has previously appeared in Foyle's War (as Adam Wainwright) and Great Expectations (as Arthur Havisham). Up next is an as-yet-undisclosed role in The Lord of the Rings TV series.

Will Stevens plays Private John Sealy

Who is Private John Sealy? A soldier who died during a military training exercise which involved exposure to CS gas. It appears he died from an aneurysm, but his grandmother has requested a second autopsy – which is where the Lyell Centre comes in.

What else has Will Stevens been in? Stevens is a relative newcomer to the screen, but has starred in a number of short films.

William Ash plays Major Mark Sealy

Who is Mark Sealy? John’s father. This is a military family and John has followed in Mark’s footsteps.

What else has William Ash been in? Ash will be known as Christopher Mead to fans of the school drama Waterloo Road and also played Boleslaw 'BB' Borowski on Sky Atlantic's The Tunnel.

Clare Higgins plays Professor Katherine Dukes

Clare Higgins in Cleaning Up

Who is Prof. Katherine Dukes? The late John Sealy’s grandmother, and Mark Sealy’s mother. She is a distinguished scientist who once worked for the Ministry of Defence at Porton Down, at a secretive military research facility.

What else has Clare Higgins been in? Clare Higgins is an acclaimed theatre actress who has recently had screen roles on Cleaning Up, Ready Player One and BBC soap EastEnders as Hazel Warren.

Ben Bailey Smith plays Lt Col Ben Carmichael

Ben Bailey Smith (right) in Silent Witness

Who is Lt Col Ben Carmichael? A Lieutenant Colonel who is closely involved with the case, and in liaising with the Lyell Centre.

What else has Ben Bailey Smith been in? Also known by his rapping stage name Doc Brown, Bailey Smith has starred in Law & Order: UK, David Brent: Life on the Road and Cleaning Up.

Richard Durden plays Conor Hodgson

Richard Durden plays Jack's dad Conor Hodgson in Silent Witness

Who is Conor Hodgson? Dr Jack Hodgson’s father, who we’ve previously met in episodes that aired in 2018 and 2019.

What else has Richard Durden been in? Durden played Conservative politician Bill Cash in factual drama Brexit: The Uncivil War starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Ash Tandon plays DI Karl Guyatt

Who is DI Karl Guyatt? A detective inspector assigned to work on the case of Private John Sealy’s death.

What else has Ash Tandon been in? Tandon is best known for playing Sharma in the acclaimed thriller series Bodyguard.

Adelle Leonce plays DS Lucy Vail

Adelle Leonce plays Faith in Death in Paradise

Who is DS Lucy Vail? A Detective Sergeant who has previously worked with Dr Jack Hodgson, and who is now assigned to work with him again on this case.

What else has Adelle Leonce been in? Leonce has appeared on BBC One drama Death in Paradise and also played Mary Mae on Shameless.

Dan Parr plays Edmund “Fish” Fishbourne

Dan Parr
Finborough Theatre

Who is Edmund “Fish” Fishbourne? A shifty figure whose identity has yet to be revealed.

What else has Dan Parr been in? Parr played Cadet Clairmont on BBC drama The Musketeers.

Robert East plays Henry Young

Who is Henry Young? Someone Thomas meets at the military barracks.

What else has Robert East been in? East played Richard Dolby on the spy thriller Spooks and recently appeared in Taika Waititi's Oscar contender Jojo Rabbit.

Graham Turner plays Arthur Simpson

Who is Arthur Simpson? This is a man who has an axe to grind with John Sealy’s grandmother, who works at a science lab – but the nature of their disagreement has yet to be revealed.

What else has Graham Turner been in? Turner has played several roles on medical dramas such as Doctors, Holby City and Casualty.

Tina Chiang plays Simone Taylor

Who is Simone Taylor? A junior scientist working at Professor Dukes’ lab.


What else has Tina Chiang been in? Chiang played Dr Sasha Browne on ITV's long-running soap opera Coronation Street.


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