Luther’s Alice and Killing Eve’s Villanelle collide in brilliant BBC mash-up

Ruth Wilson and Jodie Comer are roomates together in a new crossover video

Villanelle and Alice

It’s the crossover we’ve all been waiting for – even if we didn’t know it: Killing Eve’s serial assassin Villanelle and Luther’s psychopathic genius Alice Morgan hanging out as roomies.


Someone at the BBC had the brilliant idea of introducing these two villains to each other by splicing together their scenes.

While Villanelle (Jodie Comer) cooks sausages and spins a story about killing her fellow assassins, Alice (Ruth Wilson) sits on the bed in a bathrobe asking questions and talking about her own exploits.

To be honest, now we’ve seen it, we desperately want more. Perhaps Villanelle could make a guest appearance in Luther? Or Alice could cameo in Killing Eve series 2?


Or maybe even a spin-off comedy about two psychopathic pals shacked up together… there’s just so much potential.

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