Meet Apprentice 2018 candidate and ‘Mumpreneur’ Khadija Kalifa

The cleaning company owner is a big fan of the "poo sandwich strategy"

Khadija Kalifa, The Apprentice

At twenty eight years old, Apprentice candidate Khadija runs her own Eco Cleaning Company Opal & Pearl and is a self-declared “Mumpreneur”. In fact, she’s even got a blog called ‘Diary of Mumpreneur’, where she posts about employing almost 30 staff members while simultaneously “raising humans”.


Although she admits to being a “hot head”, Khadija says her greatest business asset is her people skills.

She also says she looks up to Virgin owner Richard Branson due to his “success and willingness to assist others”. However, she likens herself to Beyoncé because she’s “badass” and also a mum with frizzy hair.

Khadija is apparently a big fan of the “poo sandwich strategy”, which is a lot less gross than it sounds. “You tell your employees something great about themselves, tell them what they’ve done wrong and how it needs fixing and then something really great,” she explains.

Khadija Kalifa: The Facts

Age: 28

Occupation: Owner, Eco Cleaning Company

Lives: Lincolnshire

Twitter: @khadijakalifa1


Instagram: @diaryofamumpreneuruk

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