Emmerdale cast: who is leaving, returning to and joining the cast?

All the comings and goings in the lively village

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Your guide to all the comings and goings on Emmerdale over the next few months of 2020…



Pierce Harris (Jonathan Wrather)

Emmerdale Pierce Harris

Almost three years since he was jailed for raping wife Rhona Goskirk, poisonous Pierce made a surprise return in January 2020 when he was revealed as Graham Foster’s killer. He went on a crazed rampage to get Rhona back into his life, culminating in an epic showdown which saw fiesty Rhona claim her independence back. He’s finally back behind bars and it seems this is the end of Pierce for now – and not a moment too soon.

Doug Potts (Duncan Preston)

emmerdale doug potts laurel thomas

Doug departed the village permanently after getting an offer from ex-villager Betty Eagleton to live with her Down Under. Former Victoria Wood alumni Preston has been on the show as Laurel’s lovable dad since 2007, and RadioTimes.com understands this is the last we’ll see of him on screen for a while and that there are no current plans for him to return.

Pete Barton (Anthony Quinlan)

emmerdale pete barton

Fit farmer Pete left in February 2020. Ex-Hollyoaker Quinlan played the unlucky-in-love Barton boy from 2013 when he arrived with dad James (RIP) and brothers Ross and Finn (also RIP). Over the years was memorably involved with Debbie Dingle and Rhona Goskirk, and even kept it in the family by having the odd roll in the hay with auntie (by marriage only, they’re not Dingles) Moira.

Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough)

emmerdale who kills graham foster

Fan favourite Graham was killed off in an epic January whodunnit still shaping Emmerdale as 2020 continues. Scarborough had been part of the cast since 2017 and producers took advantage of his character’s popularity by pitting him against half the village and giving them a motive for murder – except it turned out it was none of them, as the killer was rapist Pierce Harris, who’s return was kept under wraps until he was exposed as the attacker.


Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller)

Aaron (Danny Miller) on Emmerdale

Fan favourite Aaron went north of the border to stay with family in Scotland after a tumultuous few months, giving Miller a well-deserved holiday after months of trauma for his alter ego. Aaron is back for the triple christening of babies Theo, Harry and Eve in March 2020.

Zak Dingle (Steve Halliwell)

emmerdale zak dingle

Last seen heading off to Scotland in the aftermath of wife Lisa’s death to stay with granddaughter Debbie, widowed Zak returned in March 2020. According to reports, Halliwell took a six month break from the show before bringing the flat-capped patriarch back. The Dingles are going through turmoil at the moment, and need their figurehead to steer them in the right direction.

Debbie Dingle (Charley Webb)

emmerdale debbie dingle

Webb’s real-life maternity leave is the reason for Deb’s current on-screen absence – the actress gave birth to her third child, Ace, in July, another son for her and co-star Matthew Wolfenden (David Metcalfe) and brother for Buster, who is nine, and three-year-old Bowie. The mechanic is running a garage up in Scotland left to her in Lisa’s will.

Although there’s been no official comment on Webb’s return while she spends time with her family, fans can most likely expect her alter ego to be back in the village some time in 2020.


Paul (Reece Dinsdale)

emmerdale paul

Dinsdale will play Paul, who we now know is Vinny’s real dad. From 2008 and 2010 the actor played Joe McIntyre, one of Gail’s doomed husbands in Corrie, who memorably tried to fake his death in an insurance scam that went wrong and he ended up dying for real. Joe was also the father of Michelle Keegan’s character, Tina. Multi-tasker Dinsdale has also been behind the camera at Emmerdale recently, and has directed some episodes.

DI Malone (Mark Womack)

emmerdale malone

Joining the ranks of dodgy Emmerdale coppers is new bad boy on the block Detective Inspector Malone (see also rapist Mark Bails), who already has Cain Dingle and Will Taylor in his pocket as part of his corruption network. Malone is played by Mark Womack, who also starred in in BBC1 cop drama Liverpool 1 and is the real-life husband of Samantha Womack, formerly EastEnders’ Ronnie Mitchell.

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