Coronation Street star Faye Brookes teases Kate and Rana’s wedding!

"She knows she’s going to be marrying the woman of her dreams," says the Corrie actress

Kate and Rana on Coronation Street

Coronation Street star Faye Brookes has given her view on what Kate and Rana’s wedding day should be like. The fan favourites recently got engaged, but look set to be at odds soon, with Rana not as keen as Kate to have a baby in their lives. But despite the upcoming tensions, Brookes thinks that her character and Rana are made for each other.


“They’ve spent so much time apart that love is now in the air completely. They are just infatuated with each other and can’t wait to start making plans for the future.”

Asked what their nuptials would be like, Brookes added: “Because Rana has been married before, she’s slightly reserved, whereas Kate would be the opposite.

“This is the first time for her and she knows she’s going to be marrying the woman of her dreams. She wants the perfect dress, she can’t wait for her Dad to walk her down the aisle. It’s a dream come true for Kate, so I think she’s more excited than Rana.”

As we revealed earlier today, the pair’s baby plans will hit a difficulty next week when a wary Rana reveals that she doesn’t want a stranger to be the father of their child, hence Kate taking a look closer to home and propositioning Robert:

“Robert lets his guard down with Kate and he confides in her that he’s always wanted to be a Dad. That’s when the penny drops for Kate and she thinks Robert could be the answer to everything. So, with some dutch courage, she asks Robert to father her and Rana’s child.”

Kate and Rana - Coronation Street

Robert will be seen telling Kate that her idea is crazy before sending her packing, but Brookes doesn’t believe that she’ll be deterred to easily. Said the Corrie star:

“Kate will go the whole way with no turning back. Throughout this whole process she’s seeing something that is going to make her happy and I don’t think she realises that Rana is what will make her happy.

“She becomes blinded by this baby idea and this infatuation with filling that void and that is everything to her. Kate will stop at no costs.”


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