Ali flirts with Bethany on Coronation Street – watch the brand-new scene

What will Ryan have to say about Ali's actions?

Coronation Street Ali and Bethany

The behaviour of troubled GP Ali Neeson continues to be a cause for concern on tonight’s Coronation Street when he makes a play for Bethany, despite her having turned up at the Bistro to meet up with Ryan.


As Corrie fans have already seen, Ryan (James Burrows) appears to be falling apart in the wake of his brutal dispatching of gangster Ronan Truman. Following his suspension from the medical centre, he’s taken on work at the Bistro, but will be seen tonight taking anti-depressants, being rude to customers and flirting with Bethany.

Pretty soon, Ryan arrives on the scene and witnesses Ali’s actions, all of which leads to a fight breaking out between the boys. In the end, it’s left to Michelle and Robert to intervene just as things are about to escalate into a full-on brawl.

After Ali storms out, Michelle follows him back to the flat and tries to calm him down, but he takes off once again and has another volatile outburst out on the street when he picks a fight with some bikers outside the tattoo parlour, getting himself savagely beaten as a result.

Ali flirts with Bethany on Coronation Street

Ryan finds Ali mid-attack and scares the assailants off, and when he gets his home, Michelle is distraught to see her son’s injuries. It’s clear Ali is in meltdown, but as he seeks solace in substance abuse could he end up incriminating himself and accidentally revealing what he did to Ronan before the emergency services arrived at the crash site?

If Ryan discovers what he did, how will he react to Michelle covering up the crime – could this drive a further wedge between the boys and make Ryan think his mother is putting herself at risk and choosing her biological son over him, the one she raised as her own?


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