Will there be a season 2 of Tiger King? “There’s a lot that’s still unfolding,” producer says

Everything you need to know about the Netflix docuseries...

Tiger King

Netflix’s latest docuseries Tiger King has had everyone talking.


From Kim Kardashian to our office here at RadioTimes.com, people just can’t believe how crazy it is.

The seven-part true-crime documentary, which landed on the streaming site on March 20th, focuses on real-life owner, Joe Exotic, who calls himself the Tiger King, and the story of his life which went from running a business centred on his large-cat facility to ending up in prison for 22 years for murder-for-hire charges.

So, with all the excitement around the first series, will there be another one?

Here’s everything we know so far…

Will there be a series two of Tiger King?

It’s looking very likely that fans could be seeing a lot more on Joe Exotic and his big cats.

Producers Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin recently spoke about the series’ characters, controversies and potential future, and it sounds like there’s a lot more to be told.

When asked about the show’s plot, Chaiklin responded: “To be continued,” before adding: “I mean, yes we have a crazy amount of footage and it’s a story that’s still unfolding. We’re not sure yet, but there could be a follow-up on this story because there’s a lot that’s still unfolding in it, and it’ll be just as dramatic and just as colourful as what has unfolded these past few years.”

What will the second series be about?

Tiger King
Tiger King

There are many unanswered questions in series one, such as what happened to Jeff Lowe and Doc Antle. So, it’s likely that a second series could explore this.

Jeff Lowe ended up buying Joe’s zoo after he was  arrested, and is now the CEO. Back in the day, he had reportedly been convicted of domestic violence, and had also illegally smuggled tiger cubs in a suitcase.

Meanwhile, Doc Antle – who is the founder and director of The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species, also known as T.I.G.E.R.S., in Myrtle Beach, Florida – still runs his business and is said to make a pretty good fortune from it.

With Tiger King currently incarcerated, it’s likely the producers could look into this as well.

What happened in the first series?

The first series looked at the controversies surrounding people who own big cats, including lions and tigers, with the focus mainly on Joe Exotic – the Tiger King.

The documentary promised to show how “the only thing more dangerous than a big cat is its owner”.

Tiger King is currently serving 22 years for two murder-for-hire convictions and crimes against wildlife, and it’s all because of his rivalry with fellow big-cat owner, Carole Baskin, who he hired two different hitmen to kill.


Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is now available to stream on Netflix. If you’re looking for more to watch check out our TV guide.