Meet Apprentice 2018 candidate Camilla Ainsworth – the “adrenaline junkie” who swims with sharks

This hopeful will now be deep diving with figurative sharks in the boardroom

Camilla Ainsworth, The Apprentice (BBC, EH)

The Apprentice 2018 candidates: Camilla Ainsworth

Age: 22


Occupation: Owner, Nut Milk Brand

Lives: Lancashire

Best/worst quote: “I’m a 100% or nothing gal. I’m an extremist, there’s no middle ground. No Switzerland with me, it’s just extreme.”



Who is Camilla Ainsworth?

Self-appointed sass queen Camilla says she’s an adrenaline junkie who’s always up for trying new things – which is how her business came about.

While she was in Australia for a year, former law student Camilla struggled to find a dairy alternative to almond milk, so decided to experiment with a series of different nuts and ended up making a brand out of it – MylkPlus, with the eyebrow-raising name “no naughties nut juice”.

What can we expect from Camilla?

Sass. An abundance of sass, as is evident in her highly suggestive website for her brand, which isn’t afraid of a filthy double entendre.

Stating she now “milks nuts for a living”, Camilla explained in her audition, “Being sassy is so important in this climate today with the whole social media backings, the young people. Sass is in the dictionary. Sass is important, and my business brings an abundance of sass. Literally fluent in sass.”

Extrovert Camilla, whose sassy brand extends beyond her company (see Instagram) also promises to be loud – really loud.

“I don’t often meet people who are louder than me,” she said. “But when I do, I am a bit taken aback. I’m looking at them in awe like who is this creature that’s louder than me? How dare they?”


Much like her nut milk, we’re predicting she’ll be an acquired taste.