Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter on Chas’s “traumatic” baby birth episode

The actress reveals all about the emotional surprises in Monday's episode of the ITV soap


Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter has revealed details about special fantasy scenes that will be screened alongside the death of Chas and Paddy’s baby daughter Grace in Monday’s episode of the ITV soap.


“It’s a fantasy flash forward. So you’ll see Grace when she’s just been born, then at one, four and 12. The scenes are the kind of things Chas and Paddy would have done with Grace if she’d still been around, but it’s all happening in their heads in the delivery room just after she’s been born,” Pargeter told RadioTimes.com.

Speaking about the experience of shooting the poignant moments, the actress added: “Obviously it’s traumatic, but was beautiful to film. And when you’re pregnant, you do think about all of the things that you’re going to do with your child, so it’s a nice way to get to see some of that for Chas and Paddy.”


Scenes just shown saw Chas realise that she was in labour and make a hasty exit from son Aaron’s stag party with partner Paddy in tow. Fans can now expect to see a heartbreaking episode on Monday as Chas gives birth, knowing that her daughter has a condition which means she won’t survive long after birth.

Yet despite the tragic nature of the upcoming drama, Pargeter has high hopes that Chas and Paddy can weather the emotional storm. “It would be nice to see the reality of them dealing with this trauma together.

“No one deals with tragedy in the same way, so the question will be whether this love they have for each other will keep them united. I hope it does, even though they’ll experience grief differently. I think there’s longevity in seeing both of their stories and the different ways they cope with their grief.”


Pargeter also spoke out in praise of her co-star Dominic Brunt, who she thinks of as the perfect screen partner. “I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to do this story with,” she said. “He’s amazing – as a source of support as well as everything else. He’s just been ridiculously amazing and I love him to bits.”


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