Neighbours: “Finn is underestimating Bea – she’s not dumb!” Bonnie Anderson interview

Ramsay Street newcomer teases Finn's revenge and Bea's future


Neighbours’ nasty Finn Kelly is currently playing a long game of revenge on the Ramsay Street residents who wronged him by using Elly Conway’s sister Beatrix Nillson to be his unwitting spy as he waits on the sidelines to execute his master plan.


Quite what that master plan actually is remains a mystery, but it’s clear Finn – or ‘Patrick’ as he’s calling himself to Bea, who has no idea of his true identity as her sister’s sociopathic ex-lover – is still obsessed with Elly and getting his own back on the Kennedys after Susan foiled his attempts to destroy her career when he ousted her as school principal last year.

Next week Finn gets closer to his enemies by involving himself in the MS clinical trials the Kennedys are working on – but fans know he’s faking his MS as part of his manipulation of Bea and to serve his ultimate agenda. How long before Finn’s presence in Erinsborough is detected, and Bea discovers she’s being played? caught up with singer-turned-actress Bonnie Anderson, aka Bea, to find out what’s in store…

How would you describe Bea’s relationship with ‘Patrick’?
They’re pretty deep into it now, Finn is the king of manipulation and has had time to think about his revenge. His hate for Bea’s family is the reason he scoped her out. He found her living on the streets and saved her life, so she feels like she owes him. The sad thing is, Bea has all this resentment towards her sister Elly who she thinks has this perfect life, and the only reason she’s in Erinsborough is because Finn wants revenge on her sister so it becomes about Elly yet again! It’s a vicious cycle, it’s never about Bea. She’s always in Elly’s shadow.

What can you tell us about Finn’s revenge plan and how Bea fits in?
He does start to get a bit sloppy with his plans, a bit excited and ahead of himself. Don’t forget Bea has been on the streets, she’s not dumb but she is very vulnerable. Finn is underestimating her. As the story goes on some things don’t add up and Bea  starts to question the situation, things get a little bit scary. Then it starts to unravel… A bad bad guy can’t get away with too much for too long!


How will Bea and Elly move on after Finn, as actor Rob Mills is only back for a short time?
Bea is such a bitchy little sister, and there’s a tug of war between them at first but eventually a very special bond develops between the sisters that we’re having fun creating. They have the same mother and some crazy stuff comes up about the family, it’s a never-ending journey even after Finn and it gets quite good. I can’t wait for Bea to loosen up a bit, she’s funny and goofball but has hasn’t been able to open up and have a laugh so I can’t wait for her to do that.

Was the part created for you as you and Jodi Anasta (Elly) look so alike in real life?
It’s been commented on many times over the years how similar we look and that I should go into Neighbours and play Jodi’s sister, so it was really strange when the role came up. I originally auditioned for Chloe Brennan, but I guess they thought ‘Bonnie needs to be Jodi’s sister, it would’ve been weird for Mark and Aaron’s sister to look so much like Elly!’ Jodi and I are close and she really is like a sister outside of work.  She’s amazing and has really helped me on the show, we love working on our scenes together even when we have to be nasty to each other!


Are you enjoying playing Bea?
It’s great fun, she’s really complex. To me she’s a broken girl who had had really tough teenage years, Beatrix lived on the streets from the age of 15 to 20 – think about what she would’ve been exposed to and it’s no wonder she has trouble trusting people and is guarded. In that time she built such hate and envy towards her family for who in her eyes have this perfect life. Deep down Bea does want her family and her big sister around but she hides behind this tough mask, which is why she wears all the grungey goth make-up. Bea thinks the only good thing in her life is Patrick, but has no idea she’s being used.

You won Australia’s Got Talent when you were just 12 years old, what was that experience like?
That was in  2007, it was pretty crazy but a lot of fun. It was kind of outrageous, winning a national TV show and then literally starting my first year of high school – crazy and daunting, because everyone knew who I was!

That launched a successful singing career, how does that compare to acting? 
This is my first acting role and it’s quite different from singing on stage and being yourself – that’s where I feel most at home. You’re telling a story. But when you’re playing a character its amazing how you pull your own life experiences into it. But I’m having so much fun and had lots of positive feedback, I’m still working on my music and Neighbours are amazing and really behind me doing that. I feel very lucky to be combining both my passions!


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