Home and Away: Roo loses her baby

Tragedy strikes when she collapses by the roadside


Home and Away is lining up a heartbreaking miscarriage storyline for Roo Stewart when she loses her baby. 


Pregnant by ex-toy boy lover James Mayvers, who turned his back on her after baulking at the thought of fatherhood, Roo is planning to raise the child as a single mum.

In upcoming episodes, Roo takes a trip to the chemist to get some medicine for dad Alf’s cough but starts suffering terrible pain while she’s out. 


Alone at the side of the road, she tries to call for help but drops her phone down the side of the car seat – as worried Alf frantically rings his daughter to find out where she is. 

Managing to sound her horn when Tori Morgan and Nate Cooper drive past, the dishy doctors are shocked to see their friend in such a state and she collapses with the pain. Realising she’s pregnant and concerned she may be having an ectopic pregnancy, they rush Roo to hospital where she crashes on her way into surgery – Tori warns agitated Alf it’s not looking good…


Roo just about survives surgery while Alf is on the verge of a heart attack and wired up to machines himself. Insisting he be allowed to be at his girl’s bedside, the Summer Bay stalwart is there when she wakes up, and he has to deliver the devastating news that she’s lost her baby. 

Reeling from the shock, tearful Roo confides in best pal Marilyn Chambers when she later comes to visit she feels stupid for ever thinking she could be a single parent, and that she’s had her last chance at motherhood. 

There are emotional scenes between father and daughter as Roo learns Alf had an angina attack but didn’t want to burden her with his own health crisis, and the Stewarts vow to stick together as a family. 

With her mind on motherhood and what could’ve been, Roo stuns her dad when she tells him she’s been thinking about Martha, the daughter she gave up for adoption. As part of trying to move on from the miscarriage, she’s desperate to see her – but will she be able to track her down? And is finding Martha after all this time really such a good idea?

Home and Away airs these scenes on Monday 3, Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 July on Channel 5 at 1.15pm and 6pm.