13 Doctor Who actors who played different characters in Torchwood

The best Whoniverse duplicates

11. Paul Kasey


You’ll definitely have seen Paul Kasey in one of his roles across Doctor Who, Torchwood or the Sarah-Jane Adventures, but you’d be hard pushed to recognize the actor as he’s always completely encased inside a monster suit as one of the Doctor’s alien foes.


Over the years he’s played Weevils, Judoon, Clockwork droids, Ood, Blowfish, Slitheen and Zygons, as well as appearing without prosthetics for a cameo in Peter Capaldi’s first full Doctor Who episode Deep Breath.

12. Nicholas Briggs


Perennial voice-of-Daleks Nicholas Briggs made a rare foray into live-action performing for Torchwood, playing slimy deputy Prime Minister Rick Yates in 2009’s Children of Earth.