Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model exit interview – Saffron Williams

"I knew from the moment I refused my makeover I wasn't going to win but I still felt I was a stronger model than some of the other girls"

When Saffron Williams controversially refused her makeover in week two of the competition, it looked like her time was up before it had even begun. But Elle, Tyson and Dannii saw her potential, keeping her in the running to become Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model for a further five weeks. Following tonight’s elimination caught up with her to discuss nervy photoshoots, house arguments and her plans to pursue a modelling career…


Can you describe your experience on top model in your own words?

The whole experience was a rollercoaster ride. On one hand it was the most exciting, rewarding time ever but then it was also so stressful and scary too. Before the show I’d only ever done two photoshoots so I didn’t have any experience at all.

What was the most nerve-wracking part of the competition? 

Every single elimination – I’ve never experienced such an intense atmosphere before. The whole elimination process was so scary, and being in the bottom four was even worse. Standing in front of the judges and having your work judged was on one hand really hard to hear but then on the other amazing because you could learn from it.

What was your worst moment?

The worst day for me in the whole competition was makeover day. I spent the whole day crying. Whenever anyone asked me about makeovers I always said I’d do whatever they wanted me to, but then Tyson told me they wanted to cut it and I just thought “No”. The hardest photoshoot for me was Company – it was one of the first ever photoshoots I’d done and because it was the first week of the competition. I was so scared.

What was your favourite challenge and photoshoot?

I didn’t really have a favourite challenge but I did enjoy walking for Daniel Lismore. I needed a confidence boost that week and for him to tell me I was his favourite girl so far was so good to hear! My favourite shoot could have been the fairy tale shoot if it wasn’t for all of the arguing that happened back stage…

Who did you get on best with?

Holly was my best friend in the house – we got on from day one. Holly, Sophie and Naomi were my closest friends, we always stuck together.

Who do you feel you didn’t bond with?

I never bonded with Lauren, we just never really spoke. I felt I connected with her the least out of all of the girls. I did get on with Angel and Sarah at the beginning of the competition but then as tensions rose we stopped speaking.

There have been a lot of arguments in the house in the last couple of weeks – did it become a stressful environment to live in?

The house was stressful enough before the arguments. We were in this house with these girls we were competing with and didn’t really know too well – of course its going to be hard. But then when it all got too much for everyone and the drama started it made the competition even harder.

Do you think they’ll all continue to get on for the rest of the series?

I’m not sure, I think there may be more arguments because as the competition goes on it will become more competitive…

You didn’t go through with the makeover – were you surprised you lasted so long following that decision? Would you do it differently if you could rewind?

During makeovers Elle told me it was my decision. I knew from the moment I refused my makeover I wasn’t going to win but I still felt I was a stronger model than some of the other girls .

What do you think went wrong this week – why were you eliminated? 

I knew it was my time to go home, I couldn’t look at any of the other girls and think “Yeah I’m a better model than she is”. I felt I was the weakest of the group at this point.

Who would you have eliminated this week instead?

I think I was the right girl to go.

How did you find the judges? 

I liked all of the judges but I think we got to know Dannii the best as she worked with us the most. She was so enthusiastic and friendly, she was amazing. I did feel like Tyson was the one fighting for me the whole time I was there, though.

Did they offer any advice after you were eliminated?

The judges just told me to never give up and keep trying. Elle and Tyson said that they had no worries about me and they could both see me working in the industry which was so good to hear.

What’s it been like watching yourself back on TV? Who have you watched the episodes with?

I love it now but it was definitely harder than I expected to begin with. I’ve been watching with my family and boyfriend and I’ve watched one or two with Emma!

Are you planning on continuing to model in the future? Do you want to make a career out of it?

I always think if I didn’t make an attempt to have a career in modelling I’d look back in twenty years and think what if? So it is going to be my focus for the next few years.


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