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Oscars viewers were shocked last night when King Richard star Will Smith walked on stage during a monologue by Chris Rock and smacked the comedian across the face.

The incident occurred moments after Rock had made a joke that referenced Jada Pinkett Smith's recent hair loss, which is a result of the medical condition alopecia.

Later in the night, Smith was confirmed as winner in the Best Actor category – where he has been frontrunner for most of awards season – and he addressed the altercation.

What did Chris Rock say before Will Smith slapped him?

Chris Rock went on-stage at the Dolby Theatre last night to present the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, with the former Oscars host taking the opportunity to crack some jokes.

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One of the comments he made was directed towards Will Smith's wife, The Matrix star Jada Pinkett Smith, to whom he said: "Jada, I love ya, GI Jane 2 – can't wait to see it!"

The joke refers to the hair loss Pinkett Smith has suffered in recent years, which she has confirmed to press is due to the health condition alopecia.

The 1997 film GI Jane followed a woman trained in special operations tactics and starred Demi Moore with a military-style buzzcut.

In the clip below, there is an uncomfortable response to the joke in the room, suggesting some found it insensitive, while Pinkett Smith herself appeared visibly displeased by it.

Rock attempted to dismiss the joke as a "nice one" and move on with his presentation, but Will Smith then strode up to him on stage and slapped him across the face.

"Wow! Will Smith just smacked the s**t out of me," the stunned comedian responded.

Smith returned to his seat, where he yelled to Rock: "Keep my wife's name out your f**king mouth!"

"Wow dude, it was a GI Jane joke," replied Rock.

Smith repeated his demand, to which Rock said: "I'm going to, OK? That was the greatest night in the history of television."

You can find the uncensored footage below.

In 2016, when Rock was hosting the Academy Awards, he made another remark about Jada Pinkett Smith – who was boycotting the ceremony for a lack of diversity among the nominees – jokingly suggesting that she had not been invited.

The Academy released a short statement following the incident, which read: "The Academy does not condone violence of any form.

"Tonight we are delighted to celebrate our 94th Academy Award winners, who deserve this moment of recognition form their peers and movie lovers around the world."

What did Will Smith say in his Oscars 2022 acceptance speech?

You can read Will Smith's full Oscars 2022 acceptance speech below, in which he addresses the incident which will likely be remembered for many years to come.

"Richard Williams was a fierce defender of his family. In this time in my life, in this moment, I am overwhelmed by what God is calling on me to do and be in this world.

"Making this film, I got to protect Aunjanue Ellis, who is one of the most strongest, most delicate people I've ever met. I got to protect Saniyya [Sidney] and Demi [Singleton], the two actresses who played Venus and Serena.

"I'm being called on in my life to love people and to protect people and to be a river to my people.

"I know, to do what we do, you've got to be able to take abuse. You got to be able to have people talk crazy about you. In this business, you've got to be able to have people disrespecting you, and you've got to smile, you've got to pretend like that's OK.

"What I loved was, Denzel [Washington] said to me a few moments ago, he said, 'At your highest moment, be careful, that's when the devil comes for you.'

"I want to be a vessel for love. I want to say thank you to Venus and Serena and the entire Williams family for entrusting me with your story.

"That's what I want to do. I want to be an ambassador of that kind of love and care and concern. I want to apologise to the Academy. I want to apologise to all my fellow nominees.

"This is a beautiful moment and I'm not crying for winning an award. It's not about winning an award for me.

"It's about being able to shine a light on all of the people - Tim [White, producer] and Trevor [White, producer] and Zach [Baylin, writer] and Saniyya and Demi and Aunjanue and the entire cast and crew of King Richard, and Venus and Serena, the entire Williams family.

"Art imitates life. I look like the crazy father, just like they said about Richard Williams. But love will make you do crazy things.

"And my mother... a lot in this moment is really complicated for me but to my mother, she didn't want to come out. She's had her knitting crew who she's in Philly watching with.

"Being able to love and care for my mother, my family, my wife… I'm taking up too much time... Thank you for this honour. Thank you for this moment and thank you on behalf of Richard and Oracene and the entire Williams family.

"Thank you. I hope the Academy invites me back. Thank you."

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