Volcano used as lair by James Bond villain erupts

Shinmoedake in Japan served as a spacecraft base in the 007 movie You Only Live Twice

Bond Set (Getty, EH)

A Japanese volcano that was used as the location for a James Bond villain’s lair in the movie You Only Live Twice has erupted, billowing smoke thousands of metres into the air.


Shinmoedake served as the setting for Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s secret haunt in the 1967 Bond film starring Sean Connery.

In the movie, 007 is sent to Japan to investigate the sudden disappearance of American and Soviet spacecraft.

The crater of Shinmoedake was the location of a hidden base, from which Blofeld launched his own spacecraft to catch the US and Soviet shuttles.


Shinmoedake is 616 miles from Tokyo and has erupted several times this year.

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