There is a script for the Downton Abbey film

Although it keeps disappearing...


Yes, a Downton Abbey film could close to becoming a reality. Jeremy Swift – who played butler Spratt in the ITV drama – revealed there is a completed script for a full-length feature.


“There is a film script, which we’ve all been sent but it disappeared Mission: Impossible style from our emails,” the actor told Lorraine Kelly on her show on Monday morning.

However, don’t expect to see the movie in cinemas this year. A series of scheduling problems has kept the projected grounded. “It’s supposed to be filming this year but it hasn’t been locked down yet,” Swift explained. “I think the logistics are difficult with the young ones like Michelle Dockery going off and doing American pilots for shows. It’s just getting everyone in the same space at the same time.”

So, what cast members would actually appear in a Downton movie? As we previously reported, Dame Maggie Smith is expected to return as the waspish Dowager Countess in the film, alongside Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary, Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith and Lily James as Lady Rose. Hugh Bonneville also said he would return. And there’s Spratt, of course.


Looks like we need somebody unstoppable to round the massive ensemble cast up. We think we know who could manage it…