Teen romcom The Kissing Booth 3 made its Netflix debut earlier this month, with Joey King reprising her role as Elle Evans – the recently-graduated high school student torn between going to Berkeley with her best friend or Harvard with her boyfriend.


Being the third film in the Netflix trilogy, The Kissing Booth 3 seemed to wrap the franchise up quite nicely, giving fans an answer to the question of whether Elle and Noah actually end up together – however, many viewers will undoubtedly be holding out hope for yet another sequel.

Luckily for you, RadioTimes.comhas all the latest news around whether The Kissing Booth could return for a fourth film and, judging by Joey King's recent quotes in The New York Times, there's a chance it might just happen.

While she admitted that it would be "a little hard" to come back for a fourth film after The Kissing Booth 3 tied up a lot of loose ends, she said that she's "never tired of playing Elle".

"Selfishly, do I want to play Elle again? Absolutely," she added.

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Read on for everything you need to know about The Kissing Booth 4.

Will there be a Kissing Booth 4?

**Warning: spoilers ahead for The Kissing Booth 3**

While fans are undoubtedly hoping that we haven't seen the last of Elle (Joey King) and Noah (Jacob Elordi), it looks as though The Kissing Booth 3 was the final instalment in the teen romcom franchise.

The films are based on Beth Reekles' books of the same name, with the final book in the series being The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time – the source material for the latest film. Unfortunately, Reekles hinted this week that there won't be any more books in the franchise, writing in her blog: "When I watched the third movie for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I sobbed my heart out. I felt like I was grieving – and I was.

"This was all 10 years in the making, 10 years of Elle and Lee and Noah, and now... Now it's all come to an end. It's the final chapter in their story. It's the end of an era."

As Reekles doesn't plan on writing any other books in the Kissing Booth series, it's unlikely that Netflix will develop another sequel, especially since the end of the third film jumped forward by six years into the future.

In an interview with Vanity Fair last year, Jacob Elordi said of the third film: "This is really the last kiss," which implies pretty heavily that The Kissing Booth 3 is the last instalment.

That being said, the film ended on an ambiguous note, with Elle and Noah bumping into one another at their old school fare and promising to spend time with each other when they're both back in town.

Joey King even said herself in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that there's still a lot to be resolved in Elle's life.

"Elle has a lot of figuring out to do... in the end, she gives herself even more figuring out to do, which is crazy. We don't know what's going to happen... I don't know why she does that," she said. "Things change, things happen, and I don't know where their story will take them."

Although that being said, King did later say in an interview with The New York Times that the end of the Kissing Booth 3 was "wrapped up so nicely" that returning for another film would be "a little hard".

"I started these movies when I was 17. We were were just like, we hope people like it – if anyone even sees it. Little did we know what a big impact this would have. I've never tired of playing Ellie. it's so fun.

"Watching this story be wrapped up so nicely in like a beautiful bow, I think it would be a little hard to come back after that. We made this ending exactly what I think it needed to be. Selfishly, do I want to play Elle again? Absolutely. But I think that the story is on its final chapter."

If Netflix were to make a Kissing Booth 4, it could centre around Rachel and Lee's upcoming wedding and follow Noah and Elle as they reunite – but we're not holding out hope.

The Kissing Booth 4 release date speculation

The Kissing Booth 3

As far as we know, The Kissing Booth isn't returning for a fourth film, but if it were, then we would have quite a while to wait for its release.

The Kissing Booth 2 and 3 were filmed back-to-back in South Africa in 2019, which meant that the two films were released just a year apart from each other.

Since there currently isn't a story to work off of or plans for production to go ahead at some point, the earliest The Kissing Booth 4 would arrive on Netflix is 2023.

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What would happen in The Kissing Booth 4?

If The Kissing Booth were to return for a fourth film, there is a lot it could explore.

At the end of The Kissing Booth 3, we found out that Lee and Rachel did in fact find each other after finishing university and got engaged, so a fourth film could take place in the run up to their wedding.

While Elle and Noah had split up in the most recent film, in the flash-forward we saw there was definitely still a spark there – so The Kissing Booth 4 could follow the pair as they grow close once again (and maybe Marco will reappear to throw a spanner in the works).


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