X-Men fans, you're going to want to brace yourselves for this one.


It seems as though four years after the premiere of X-Men: Dark Phoenix, producer Simon Kinberg has revealed that he's got a ton of ideas that could fit perfectly into a potential Dark Phoenix sequel.

Speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com upon the release of his latest Apple TV+ series Invasion, the filmmaker and producer admitted: "I wish I had more time to tell the Dark Phoenix story."

Talking about the film, which he produced alongside a slate of other X-Men movies like The Last Stand and Days of Future Past, he said: "I think the Dark Phoenix story probably requires more than one movie and when I went into making Dark Phoenix, I went into it with the notion that it was going to be two movies and somewhere along the way we changed that.

"I had the Hellfire Club in a script, concept art of what they would look like and Lilandra and a lot of other characters from the actual comic story and I do regret not being able to tell the full story."

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Despite having burning ideas in mind for Dark Phoenix, Kinberg is proud of the film he created and namely, the actors that delivered stellar performances in it.

He revealed: "But there’s things about the movie I’m incredibly proud of, I’m incredibly proud of Sophie Turner’s performance in that movie and going back to X-Men: The Last Stand, Days of Future Past gave us an opportunity to correct some of the things I would have wanted to correct, like bringing Jimmy Marsden back at the end of Days of Future Past was really gratifying for me.

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 10.19.20
Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

"It felt like I strangely had the opportunity to correct some things - but having said that, I meet people all the time for whom X-Men: The Last Stand is their favourite X-Men movie."

He added: "The amount of - now, years later - love I get for Dark Phoenix is, I wouldn't trade that either. When you make these movies that are a religion for people, you get the highs and you get the lows of reactions and as an artist you kind of just try to stay even and connected to the actual object itself as opposed to the noise around it."

As for now, Kinberg's latest work, Invasion, continues to air on Apple TV+ and he has high hopes for the sci-fi series, wanting it to continue for two more seasons.

Kinberg said that he and the team "definitely envision more seasons", and although nothing has been confirmed by Apple regarding the show's future, they have been "working on the script for season 3".

Invasion season 2 continues on Apple TV+ on Wednesday 27th September 2023 – sign up now with a 7-day free trial.

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