Sacha Baron Cohen slips dig at lack of diversity into Baftas presentation speech

And the award for best white actress goes to...


The #OscarsSoWhite controversy has brought a snowy-white avalanche of criticism for the industry’s approach to race, particularly the Academy Awards. However, Sacha Baron Cohen wasn’t going to let the BAFTAs off the hook.


“The main reason I agreed to present at this awards ceremony is that BAFTA has shown none of the discrimination and prejudice, which is so shamefully on display at the Oscars,” he said, while awarding the Best Actress award. “It gives me great pride that every singly year BAFTA makes sure that at least one of the nominees for best actress is… a dame… Dench, Smith…”

In case his point wasn’t clear, he went on:

“And the nominations for best white actress go to…”


Brie Larson won.