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Fans across the world join the #MatildaChallenge

The 1996 Roald Dahl film adaptation is being given a whole new lease of life as fans test their own 'telekinetic' abilities on social media

Published: Wednesday, 15th August 2018 at 10:46 am

Fans of the beloved 1996 film Matilda are heading to social media to take part in the #MatildaChallenge, recreating one of the film's most iconic scenes.


During the film, starring Mara Wilson as the title character, the young hero Matilda Wormwood realises her telekinetic abilities and, while her parents and older brother are out, takes the opportunity to dance on a tabletop to Thurston Harris' Little Bitty Pretty One as various objects fly around her.

The new Twitter trend sees fans and their friends attempt to create their own versions of the magical scene – with some hilarious results.

In one version which has garnered 86,000 likes on Twitter, a schoolgirl points at various classroom objects, which proceed to 'fly' (with a little help from her classmates...).

The film's original star Mara Wilson has also given the Twitter challenge her stamp of approval, commenting on several videos.

Wilson also pointed fans towards a downright adorable version featuring a surprised-looking pug.


It seems like fans can't get enough of the challenge – or the accompanying earworm.


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