If you were looking forward to marking Friday night with an evening on the sofa, curled up in front of Daniel Craig and his tiny swimming trunks in Casino Royale, you were probably left disappointed.

Because while ITV4 listed the 2006 version of the Bond movie in Radio Times, among other places, the version that actually showed up on screen was the spoof Bond movie Casino Royale released in 1967.

Based on the same Ian Fleming source material as the more recent edition, the film stars David Niven as 007 alongside a who's who of famous faces including Peter Sellers, Orson Welles and Deborah Kerr; a veritable selection of A-listers but not a Daniel Craig super spy in sight.

Viewers were rightly baffled by the switch...

Spare a thought for those viewers shaken and distinctly unstirred by the mishap.