Daniel Radcliffe: I’d never totally close the door on Harry Potter

The 23-year-old star of the Harry Potter franchise has said he'd never say never to another Potter film, as long as he didn't have to wear a school uniform. So we've put our thinking caps on...

Potterfans rejoice! Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has said he’ll “never totally close the door” on JK Rowling’s wizarding world.


The 23-year-old actor, who played the wand-wielding lead of the Harry Potter films between 2001 and 2011, said “I’m 23, which is too old to be running around in a schoolboy’s cape. I’d never totally close the door. But no more schoolboy stuff.”

“If Jo did [write a sequel], which is unlikely, I’d take a lot of talking around,” continued the star, when speaking to Time Out. “I’ve done so much work to establish myself as something outside that series I’d be really hesitant to go back.”

But that’s fine. We’d be more than willing to persuade you, Radcliffe. All we need is a really good idea – one where Daniel is no longer a fresh-faced boy wizard – and we’ve got ourselves another instalment. Hmm…

Perhaps he could play a middle-aged Harry Potter (hopefully more convincingly than he did at the end of Deathly Hallows part two) as his and Ginny’s little brood of wizards work through the trails and tribulations of mastering their magical powers. A kind of family sitcom. The hilarious escapades of the Happy Potter family?

Not a fan of a HP comedy? Maybe he could follow in Dumbledore’s footsteps and become the new Hogwarts headmaster instead. We can just see him sweeping around the corridors of the school of witchcraft and wizardry, imparting wise and witty words to his new students. Not sure whether Radcliffe is capable of growing such a spectacular beard just yet though… Maybe he’d be drafted in as a younger role model to save the failing school before the magical equivalent of OFSTED are forced to step in. He could advocate new and inspirational teaching methods. A bit like Waterloo Road before everyone started setting things on fire and crashing coaches.

Even better, we could have a kind of Harry Potter meets the Thick of It. Such a prominent face in the magical realm would surely be catapulted into a position of power. The film could start as Potter was named Minister for Magic and follow him and his political team as they struggle to change the dated laws of their society. Expletives optional.

Though, come to think of it, maybe the man who defeated Voldemort would be channeled into the world of celebrity instead. After all, he didn’t actually ever finish his final exams, remember? Maybe Potter would have his own reality TV show and range of merchandise instead…

Or perhaps he will have fallen on hard times. Loosing both your parents as a baby and having to fight an annual battle with the most powerful and evil wizard in the world might leave you a little scarred. Maybe Radcliffe could play Potter as a cynical old wizard who spends his days drinking in the darkened corners of The Leaky Cauldron, struggling until his AA sponsor Ron steps in to remind him of the lightness left in the wizarding world…


No? Okay, maybe these gems aren’t enough to persuade Radcliffe to get back on set. You’d better get your thinking cap on, Rowling.