Daniel Radcliffe reveals a pretty gross teeth story from filming the Harry Potter movies

There were a LOT of fake baby teeth on the set of Harry Potter


Here’s something you probably haven’t thought about before: what happens when a child actor loses their baby teeth? How on earth do they keep continuity? And what about on a film like Harry Potter, which is absolutely teeming with young kids?


The answer, as Daniel Radcliffe has now revealed, is that the kids had to be fitted with specially-made fake teeth any time the tooth fairy was due for a visit. The crew members made a cast of the child stars’ teeth so they could fill in any gappy smiles at a moment’s notice.

Radcliffe told this story to fellow actor Karan Soni, who was so fascinated that he brought it up while promoting their US comedy Miracle Workers together.

“When they were doing the earlier movies, because their teeth were falling out, they would have a cast made of all their teeth. So that if one fell out, they could have a prop tooth put in. Just so they could keep filming,” Soni told The Hollywood Reporter.

Radcliffe added: “Cause you’ve got a set full of 20 ten-year-olds. So they just, like, would cast everyone’s mouths.”

The actor was just 11 years old when he was cast in Harry Potter in 2000, as was Rupert Grint – while Emma Watson was only ten. Many of the other actors were even younger (with mouths full of baby teeth).


Hopefully they had a Room of Requirement to stash all those fake teeth in…

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