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Bullet Train cameos: All the uncredited appearances

A couple of big Hollywood stars pop up in the new film.

Brad Pitt in Bullet Train.
Published: Wednesday, 3rd August 2022 at 11:40 am
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If you've seen any of the posters or trailers for David Leitch's new action flick Bullet Train, you'll already know that it features a pretty star-studded cast.


Brad Pitt takes on the lead role as assassin 'Ladybug' in the Japan-set thriller, and he's joined by an impressive enemsble that includes Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Joey King and Michael Shannon, each of whom has a crucial role to play in the rather complex plot.

But they aren't the only famous faces to pop up during the runtime – there are also a couple of uncredited cameos throughout the film, including some of Hollywood's biggest names.

Read on for everything else you need to know – but be warned that there are obviously a few spoilers ahead.

Bullet train cameos

Of the three major cameos in the film, one of them – Sandra Bullock – is far less surprising than the others, in that she was already included in the cast list.

Bullock plays Ladybug's handler Maria Beetle, in what is largely an off-screen role. For the vast majority of the film we only hear her communicating with the assassin through his earpiece, but she does make a full appearance toward's the film's conclusion when she meets him following the rather chaotic conclusion to his mission.

Interestingly, this appearance was said to be Bullock returning a favour to Pitt after he turned up for a brief but crucial role in her blockbuster The Lost City earlier this year.

Sandra Bullock as Maria Beetle
Sandra Bullock as Maria Beetle in Bullet Train. Sony

And it turns out she wasn't the only star of that film to appear here – Channing Tatum has an uncredited role as an unsuspecting train passenger who gets mildly caught up in the carnage, and who seems rather bemused about the whole thing.

His first appearance comes when Ladybug – attempting to disguise himself from a furious adversary played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson – asks if he would mind wearing his hat and sunglasses to serve as a decoy in order that the assassin can quietly escape undetected.

Tatum duly obliges but only after asking Ladybug if this is part of a "sex thing." He repeats that line again when Taylor-Johnson's character Tangerine sidles up to him assuming that he is Ladybug, and after Lemon's annoyed retort he follows it up by saying – "I do love an accent."

The final cameo – and the briefest of them all – comes when we are told that Ladybug is only carrying out this particular job because the assassin who was originally enlisted to complete it, a man named Carver, fell sick at the last minute.

We get a brief glimpse of the real Carver, who it turns out is played by none other then Ryan Reynolds, but it's very much a blink and you'll miss it affair. Of course, it's not difficult to imagine how Leitch was able to get hold of Reynolds for the small role – the pair had previously worked together on Deadpool 2.

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