New caped crusader caper The Batman is just the start of The Dark Knight’s new assault on our screens, with sequels and various potential TV spin-offs already in the pipeline to expand the world newly reimagined by writer/director Matt Reeves.


Chief among those spin-offs, of course, is the Gotham City police drama coming from Giri/Haji screenwriter Joe Barton.

But while little is known about this series so far, we may have just had our first clue about who could be in it, with The Batman’s Jeffrey Wright (aka Jim Gordon, Batman’s main ally in the force) hinting that he could be set to make a crossover appearance to link the two projects.

“Well, yeah, there's been a little talk about that,” Wright teased when asked if he was set to appear in the show.

“I do think that the film is going to leave fans longing for more. So if there's an opportunity to explore more of this specific Gotham in a granular way through a show like that, it'd be very exciting.”

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More generally, Wright waxed lyrical about the version of Gotham created by Reeves for the new movie, suggesting that there was a lot more to discover about Bruce Wayne’s beleaguered city.

“There's a sense of place in this Gotham,” he told “It's really inviting, it's comprehensive, but it feels tangible.

“It feels not unlike New York City, which it was originally fashioned after in 1939. But it feels like a desperate, decaying New York City, a once great city that's in need of resurrecting, and so Batman is at the centre of that effort.

“But it has this quality to it that I just was really drawn to – [that] richness of authenticity that I think just serves the interests of our film.”

Still, fans shouldn’t get excited too soon. Wright declined to go into further detail about the Gotham PD show or his possible involvement in it, noting that for now he’d rather everyone just watched the film.

“Right now I'm just more focused on getting this film out,” he said. “And excited for fans to take that. [For now] I think they'll have enough to digest with this.”

But once the dust has settled, and we’re all looking to the next Batman adventure? Well, we wouldn’t be too surprised to find the face of the Gotham police department leading them into some strange new cases.

The Batman is released in UK cinemas on Friday 4th March. For more, check out our dedicated Movies page or our full TV Guide.


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