10 jokes hidden in film credits

From Frozen's snotty disclaimer to Naked Gun 33 1/3's message to a car owner, here's the best gags hidden at the end of popular films


There are plenty of reasons not to rush out of the cinema: you’ve not finished that never-ending bucket of popcorn, you sat right in the middle so now have to wait half an hour for everyone to rummage around in the dark to find their belongings… but mainly for the credits.


Yes, while some may think it’s all about waiting for bonus footage or secret teasers, for years the credits themselves have offered far more than a list of cast and crew.

Hidden among the text of Naked Gun 33 1/3’s credits, for example, is a message to the owner of a Blue Honda Accord who’d left their lights on. Tucked away in the credits of Airplane 2 is a dig at the boss: “Gaffer (what’s a gaffer?)”, while Disney’s Frozen offers a disclaimer on the film’s thoughts on what men do with their snot…


For more, check out the video below: