The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window

Fritz Lang (1945)

PG Certificate


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This clever melodrama was written and produced by Nunnally Johnson and directed with just the right amount of moody atmosphere by expressionist master Fritz Lang. Academic Edward G Robinson makes that fatal 1940s error of falling for the subject of a portrait (see Laura or Portrait of Jennie) and then finds himself - of course - swept up in a convoluted web of murder and deception. Robinson is marvellous as an average guy paying for the consequences of a moment off guard - Once Off Guard is the title of the novel on which the film is based - and Joan Bennett is an ideal "ideal" in one of her four fine performances for Lang. Raymond Massey and Dan Duryea are also on hand, both with sinister and gripping information to impart. The famous ending is still controversial, but whatever conclusion you come to there's no denying the power of this particular nightmare.


Edward G Robinson stars as a married professor forced to look on helplessly as the woman of his dreams tears his world apart by involving him in an elaborate murder and blackmail plot. Fritz Lang's classic psychological thriller, also starring Joan Bennett and Raymond Massey.

Cast & Crew

Professor Richard Wanley Edward G Robinson
Alice Reed Joan Bennett
Frank Lalor Raymond Massey
Dr Michael Barkstone Edmund Breon
Heidt / Doorman Dan Duryea
Inspector Jackson Thomas E Jackson
Claude Mazard Arthur Loft
Mrs Wanley Dorothy Peterson
Collins Frank Dawson
Elsie Wanley Carol Cameron
Director Fritz Lang
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Other Information

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