Elizabeth Is Missing

Elizabeth Is Missing

Aisling Walsh



When 80-year-old Maud's best friend Elizabeth fails to turn up for a shopping trip, she is certain that something terrible has happened. Despite living with dementia, she decides to turn detective and sets about trying to solve the mystery, but with her condition it's not always easy to hold on to the clues. Drama, starring Glenda Jackson.

Cast & Crew

Maud Glenda Jackson
Helen Helen Behan
Sukey Sophie Rundle
Young Maud Liv Hill
Katy Nell Williams
Frank Mark Stanley
Douglas Neil Pendleton
Elizabeth Maggie Steed
Tom Sam Hazeldine
Dad John Paul Hurley
Peter Stuart McQuarrie
Margery Julie Hannan
Carla Linda Hargreaves
Ma Michelle Duncan
Desk sergeant Tom Urie
The Woman Cara Kelly
Rafid Nabs Aziz
Dr Harris Brian Ferguson
Det Grainger Anna-Maria Nabirye
Director Aisling Walsh
Executive Producer Gaynor Holmes
Executive Producer Sarah Brown
Executive Producer Andrea Gibb
Producer Chrissy Skinns
Writer Andrea Gibb
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