The Ghoul

The Ghoul

Gareth Tunley (2016)

15 Certificate


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Executive produced by Ben Wheatley, Gareth Tunley's feature debut as writer/director refuses to give the audience an easy ride. It starts like a standard police procedural, as cop Tom Meeten returns to London to join Dan Renton Skinner in investigating the murder of a couple who appear to have kept moving towards their assailant through a volley of bullets. Convinced landlord Rufus Jones is somehow involved, Meeten concocts a plan with profiler Alice Lowe to feign mental distress in order to gain access to the suspect's psychiatrist, Niamh Cusack. By the time Meeten encounters the shrink's mentor (Geoffrey McGivern), most viewers will be confused at best, as Tunley (echoing David Lynch at his most gnomic) has so twisted the tale and blurred the line between reality and madness that attempting to provide a definitive analysis of what's unfolding becomes a fool's errand. Deadpanning for all he's worth, Meeten makes a compelling antihero and he's ably abetted by a supporting cast intent on giving nothing away. Sinuously photographed by Benjamin Pritchard, this will have your head spinning for days.


A homicide detective helps his old colleague investigate a double murder by going undercover as the patient of a suspect's psychotherapist. But, as his therapy sessions continue, the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur and he begins to question his own identity. Psychological thriller, starring Tom Meeten, Alice Lowe, Niamh Cusack and Rufus Jones.

Cast & Crew

Chris Tom Meeten
Kathleen Alice Lowe
Michael Coulson Rufus Jones
Fisher Niamh Cusack
Morland Geoffrey McGivern
Tommy Parnell Paul Kaye
Director Gareth Tunley
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: ArrowGuidance: Swearing, drug abuseAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 4 Aug 2017