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Exclusive - Tense teaser for tonight's first episode of new drama Intruder

A wealthy couple find themselves covering up a murder in Channel 5's new home invasion drama.

Elaine Cassidy and Tom Meeten in Intruder on Channel 5
Channel 5
Published: Monday, 5th April 2021 at 12:33 pm

With brand new drama Intruder making its Channel 5 debut tonight, can reveal an exclusive first-look clip of the first episode, teasing the horrifying aftermath of a failed burglary on the coast.


The four-part series, which airs across the week, starting tonight, follows Rebecca and Sam, a wealthy couple whose lives are upended when their home is burgled by two teenagers one evening. When one of the teens tries to leave, Sam, who'd been using illicit substances earlier in the night, stabs and unintentionally kills him.

In the exclusive clip, we watch Rebecca (Elaine Cassidy), Tom (The Ghoul) and their friend Angela (Helen Behan) panic after killing one of the burglars, with Rebecca wanting to call the police.

"We're not doing that, okay. Let me just think," Tom responds. "Just give me a second. We need to get our story straight."

When Rebecca points out that a man invaded their house and Tom was just "defending" himself, Tom says: "I stabbed him in the back as he was trying to escape. He didn't attack me."

With Sam worried the police will conclude lethal force was used unjustifiably, the couple decide to stage the scene and make it look as though Sam had acted in self-defence.

However, with family liaison officer Karen Bailey (Sally Lindsay) suspicious of the pair, can Sam and Rebecca stick by their version of events?


Sonny Poon Tip, Adam Richardson, Kriss Dosanjh (All Creatures Great and Small), Seamus Moran (The Tudors), Shane Casey (The Young Offenders), Simon Coury (Line of Duty) and Paul Tylak (Silent Witness) round out the cast of Intruder cast, written by Peep Show's Gareth Tunley and filmed in Ireland.

Intruder premieres on Channel 5 at 9pm on Monday 5th April. Check out our Intruder review and rest of our Drama coverage or take a look at our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight. 

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