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Meet the cast of Channel 5 thriller Intruder

A new four-part drama explores the devastating aftermath of a botched burglary.

Intruder full cast - Channel 5
Channel 5
Published: Thursday, 1st April 2021 at 11:08 am

Channel 5 is preparing to launch a suspenseful new thriller that explores the consequences of a break-in at the home of an affluent couple.


Sam and Rebecca are high-flying media professionals who live in a luxurious house by the coast, but both are harbouring dark secrets that could tear their seemingly perfect life apart.

The pressure begins to rise after two local youths attempt to burgle their fancy abode, but only one leaves the premises alive and the couple are reluctant to divulge what happened to the police.

Over the course of this four-part event series, we'll see whether this power couple can pull themselves out of the mess they've made or if this is the spark that will detonate the world they've built once and for all.

The cast of Intruder includes a number of familiar faces from across the landscape of British television, so read on to find out everything you need to know about them ahead of the show's premiere.

Elaine Cassidy plays Rebecca

Elaine Cassidy plays Rebecca in Intruder
Channel 5

Who is Rebecca? Rebecca is a journalist at a local newspaper called the Becksfield Gazette, who works closely alongside her editor, Angela. She is married to Tom, a DJ for a major London station, with whom she lives in a large modern house by the coast. After her dinner party takes a dark turn, she is thrust into survival mode as she attempts to keep her luxurious life intact.

What else has Elaine Cassidy been in? Cassidy will be known to viewers for her leading roles in earlier dramas including horror-thriller Harper's Island, police corruption drama The Ghost Squad, BBC One's The Paradise and Channel 4's No Offence. Most recently, she played Louise de Clermont in Sky One's fantasy hit A Discovery of Witches.

Tom Meeten plays Sam

Tom Meeten plays Sam in Intruder
Channel 5

Who is Sam? Sam is a presenter on the fictional London Chat Radio station, where he hosts a call-in show about politics and current affairs that often attracts some controversial opinions. He is married to Rebecca and works at the station primarily with his producer, Ron. Following a break-in at his home, Sam demonstrates that he isn't very good at handling a crisis.

What else has Tom Meeten been in? Meeten has a background in comedy work, starring opposite Noel Fielding in both The Mighty Boosh and his follow-up project, Luxury Comedy. He was also one of the principal recurring cast members in impressions-based sketch show Star Stories and Dave's Crackanory. Meeten ventured into more dramatic territory with 2016's The Ghoul, which earned a BAFTA nomination for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer.

Sally Lindsay plays Family Liaison Officer Karen Bailey

Sally Lindsay plays FLO Karen Bailey in Intruder
Channel 5

Who is FLO Karen Bailey? Bailey is the family liaison officer assigned who crosses paths with Rebecca and Sam following a break-in at their home. She is not an investigating police officer, but instead deals with families of victims following a traumatic crime.

What else has Sally Lindsay been in? Soap fans will remember that Lindsay played Shelley Unwin on Coronation Street for five years in the early noughties. Since departing from the programme, she has bagged key roles in several major television projects, including ITV's Scott & Bailey, Sky's Mount Pleasant and BBC One's Still Open All Hours.

Helen Behan plays Angela

Helen Behan plays Angela in Intruder
Channel 5

Who is Angela? Angela is Rebecca's boss at the Becksfield Gazette as well as one of the attendees of a dinner party thrown in the opening scene of the first episode. She witnesses the frightening events that unfold, leaving Sam and Rebecca reliant on her co-operation if they are to have any future.

What else has Helen Behan been in? Behan is probably best known for her collaborations with filmmaker Shane Meadows, starring in This Is England '88 and '90 as well as 2019's acclaimed miniseries The Virtues. She recently appeared in an episode of Soulmates, currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Sonny Poon Tip plays Syed

Sonny Poon Tip plays Syed in Intruder
Channel 5

Who is Syed? Syed is a local teenager who breaks into the home of Sam and Rebecca one night with the intention of committing a burglary. While he seems to have been led astray by his partner-in-crime Tommy, Syed is a talented artist and his heart is in the right place.

What else has Sonny Poon Tip been in? Sonny Poon Tip makes his television debut with Intruder.

Adam Richardson plays Tommy

Adam Richardson plays Tommy in intruder
Channel 5

Who is Tommy? Tommy is a local teenager and a friend of Syed who is the driving force behind their botched burglary attempt. He is more dedicated to a life of crime, having made a business of flogging stolen goods to a local criminal gang.

What else has Adam Richardson been in? Richardson makes his television debut with Intruder, but has previously acted in several stage productions.

Kriss Dosanjh plays Haalim

Who is Haalim? Haalim is Syed's father and a university lecturer, who is shocked to hear of the criminal activity his son had got involved in.

What else has Kriss Dosanjh been in? Dosanjh has recently played Ashok Masum in BBC One's medical drama Casualty and George Pandi in Channel 5's popular reboot of All Creatures Great and Small. Other credits include Fleabag, Wild Bill, Doctors, Ackley Bridge and This Is England.

Seamus Moran plays Fitz

Seamus Moran plays Fitz in Intruder
Channel 5

Who is Fitz? Fitz is a local farmer who holds a lot of power in the small coastal town of Becksfield as he has connections with organised crime in the area.

What else has Seamus Moran been in? Moran played the role of bistro owner Mike Gleeson in Irish soap opera Fair City for 12 years. His other television projects include The Frankenstein Chronicles and The Tudors.

Shane Casey plays Ron

Shane Casey plays Ron in Intruder on Channel 5
Channel 5

Who is Ron? Ron is Sam's colleague at London Chat Radio, working behind-the-scenes as a producer who monitors the callers on his show. He is also one of the guests at Sam and Rebecca's dinner party.

What else has Shane Casey been in? Casey is best known for playing Billy Murphy in the 2016 comedy The Young Offenders, a role he reprised for the spin-off TV series on BBC Three.

Simon Coury plays Inspector Lilley

Intruder Simon Coury plays Inspector Lilley
Channel 5

Who is Inspector Lilley? Inspector Lilley is the lead investigating officer into the events that transpire at Sam and Rebecca's house on the night of their dinner party. He suspects that their version of events may not be entirely accurate.

What else has Simon Coury been in? Coury has appeared in several television dramas over the course of his career, including Foyle's War, Line of Duty and World War I drama 37 Days.

Paul Tylak plays Ben

Who is Ben? Ben is another friend of Sam and Rebecca who attends their dinner party.

What else has Paul Tylak been in? Tylak has previously appeared in Amazon Prime Video's Informer and BBC One's Silent Witness.


Intruder premieres in April on Channel 5. Take a look at the rest of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight. 


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