New drama series Intruder got underway on Channel 5 last night, exploring the dark and devastating aftermath of a break-in at a luxurious home on the coast.


Affluent couple Sam (Tom Meeten) and Rebecca (Elaine Cassidy) have got themselves in a lot of trouble by covering up the murder of a burglar in their home – and viewers won't have to wait long to find out what happens next.

In fact, the series continues over the next three nights, coming to an end on Thursday, so it won't be long before viewers find out whether this morally bankrupt couple can make their lies stick or whether the ugly truth will come out. published a not-so-positive Intruder review last week, but the first episode still drew in viewership of 2.4 million, making it highly competitive in its timeslot – but it remains to be seen if the show can sustain these numbers.

If you're wondering where the show's fictional setting was created, check out our piece on Intruder filming locations, or scroll on for everything else you need to know about the drama series.

Intruder release date

Four-part drama Intruder started on Monday 5th April (Easter Monday) and is stripped across the week, with episodes airing nightly at 9pm on Channel 5.

Intruder cast: Who stars in the drama?

Intruder full cast - Channel 5
Channel 5

The central couple Rebecca and Sam are played by Elaine Cassidy (No Offence, The Paradise) and Tom Meeten (The Ghoul, The Mighty Boosh) respectively.

Rounding out the rest of the Intruder cast is BAFTA nominee Helen Behan (The Virtues) as Angela, a colleague and friend to Rebecca and Sally Lindsay (Mount Pleasant) as Family Liaison Officer Bailey.

Lindsay told and other press about the challenge of filming a television drama during a pandemic: "It was quite an isolating experience really because actors are a massive laugh. When you meet new actors, everybody's got stories and it's just funny and I love them.

"So, the best thing about a new job with actors you've not worked with before is going out for dinner afterwards and having lunch, that's one of the best bits of it all – especially when you’re in Dublin. And all that was gone."

Newcomers Adam Richardson and Sonny Poon Tip play Tommy and Syed respectively, the two local teenagers who make the mistake of breaking into Sam and Rebecca's home.

Meanwhile, there are other supporting roles for Kriss Dosanjh (All Creatures Great and Small), Seamus Moran (The Frankenstein Chronicles), Shane Casey (The Young Offenders) and Simon Coury (37 Days).

What is Intruder about?

Elaine Cassidy in Channel 5's Intruder
Channel 5

Written and directed by Gareth Tunley, the thriller follows a wealthy couple, Rebecca and Sam, whose lives start to unravel after two teenagers break into their home with the intention of burgling the place.

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Having been using illicit substances earlier in the evening, Sam stops one of the youths from leaving and attacks him with a knife, unintentionally killing him.

Fearing that the police will (quite rightly) conclude that the lethal force used was unjustifiable to the threat posed, Sam and Rebecca set about orchestrating an alternate version of events that paints themselves as the victims.

However, doubt is cast on their story by the teenager's grieving father and family liaison officer Karen Bailey, meaning that Rebecca and Sam will have to work hard to keep their luxurious life intact.

Channel 5 Deputy Director of Programmes, ViacomCBS Networks UK, Sebastian Cardwell said: “Drama has increasingly become an important part of Channel 5’s programming slate. Intruder demonstrates our continued ambition to collaborate with talented indies such as Clapperboard to deliver punchy prime time drama.”

How many episodes are there in Intruder?

Intruder will run for four episodes in total, which will air across four consecutive nights on Channel 5 – starting on Monday 5th April and concluding on Thursday 8th April.

There has been no indication that the show could return for a second series just yet, but we'll keep you updated on any new information as it comes in.

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