Kill Your Friends

Kill Your Friends

Owen Harris (2) (2015)

18 Certificate


Our Score
Nicholas Hoult's ruthless music exec makes Simon Cowell look like a choirboy in Kill Your Friends. First-time feature director Owen Harris gives this black comedy pace, pizzazz and lots of 1990s nostalgia with a soundtrack featuring Blur, Oasis and Radiohead. But what he doesn't do is convey the fear and desperation that leads A&R man Steven Stelfox (Hoult) to murder. That's despite the fact that writer John Niven adapted the script from his own best-selling novel based on his time in the music business. Instead, Harris aims to make Stelfox funny and cool. Hoult certainly has the cheekbones for that and inspires just the right morbid fascination as he delivers commentary straight-to-camera in High Fidelity style - with extra venom. He kills his closest rival (James Corden) early on, before Ed Hogg comes knocking as a homicide detective with a demo tape in his pocket. But the investigation is subordinate to Stelfox's steep descent into violence and depravity. The altered ending is over-amped and Stelfox's actions don't ring true in the way American Psycho did, but this film is driven more by devilish humour and a fashionable ennui with manufactured pop. Not for the fainthearted, or Spice Girls fans.


A treacherous, cocaine-addicted record executive enjoys success at the height of the Britpop era, but as public tastes change, he finds himself floundering and desperate for a hit. He soon realises that the best way to stay on top is to eliminate his rivals by any means necessary. Drama based on John Niven's novel, starring Nicholas Hoult, Ed Skrein, James Corden and Rosanna Arquette.

Cast & Crew

Stelfox Nicholas Hoult
Darren Craig Roberts
Waters James Corden
Parker-Hall Tom Riley
Trellick Joseph Mawle
Rebecca Georgia King
Rent Ed Skrein
Derek Sommers Jim Piddock
DC Woodham Edward Hogg
Barbara Rosanna Arquette
Rudi Moritz Bleibtreu
Director Owen Harris (2)
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Studio CanalGuidance: Violence, swearing, sex scenes, drug abuseAvailable on: Blu-rayReleased on: 6 Nov 2015