We'll Never Have Paris

We'll Never Have Paris

Jocelyn Towne (2014)

15 Certificate


Our Score
This lacklustre romantic comedy seems a little like a lost episode in the life of Simon Helberg's Big Bang Theory character, Howard Wolowitz. Purportedly inspired by the courtship of Helberg and his wife Jocelyn Towne (who co-directs), We'll Never Have Paris also feels like a discarded draft of an early Woody Allen picture, as Helberg's jazz piano-playing florist breaks up with longtime university tutor girlfriend Melanie Lynskey because blonde co-worker Maggie Grace thinks she might have a crush on him. The scene shifts to Paris when Helberg (with a little help from buddy Zachary Quinto and father Alfred Molina) realises he's made a monumental mistake. But Lynskey (who is typically excellent) has already started seeing dashing violinist Ebon Moss-Bachrach. No one will be in any doubt how this on-off saga will end, but what will most disappoint Big Bang fans is the chauvinism of the conceit and the passive-aggressive, neurotic narcissism of Helberg's charmless performance.

Cast & Crew

Quinn Simon Helberg
Devon Melanie Lynskey
Terry Alfred Molina
Jameson Zachary Quinto
Kelsey Maggie Grace
Kurt Jason Ritter
Isaac Jamil Mena
Leah Meredith Hagner
Francoise Dana Ivey
Jean Judith Light
Director Jocelyn Towne
Director Simon Helberg
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Other Information

Language: English / FrenchColourTheatrical distributor: MetrodomeAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 9 Oct 2015