Think like a Man Too

Think like a Man Too

Tim Story (2014)

12A Certificate


Our Score
This sequel to Think like a Man sees the original cast reunite in Las Vegas for a wedding. Both bachelor and bachelorette parties begin in style, but mishaps and relationship problems soon threaten to derail the nuptials. Mixing comedy tropes that have either run their course or didn't work in the first place, the film settles for simply bringing the cast back together, ignoring the need for purpose. What transpires is a series of loose subplots scattered over the course of one night - with Kevin Hart doing a lot of shouting. Ironically, it's the comedian's overbearing energy that keeps the film going, his rapid-fire jokes occasionally hitting the mark. The rest of the cast is likeable enough, and they stretch their thin character arcs gamely, but it's ultimately a redundant exercise. Even in the tepid world of relationship comedies, Think like a Man Too feels needless and wastes the variety of talent on offer.


A couple announce they are getting married in Las Vegas, so all their friends descend on the gambling capital. However, the build-up to the big day descends into a bitter rivalry between the male and female guests over who can throw the wildest pre-marital party - despite the efforts of the groom's overbearing mother to disrupt the celebrations. Comedy sequel, starring Kevin Hart and Regina Hall.

Cast & Crew

Cedric Kevin Hart
Dominic Michael Ealy
Jeremy Jerry Ferrara
Mya Meagan Good
Candace Regina Hall
Lauren Taraji P Henson
Michael Terrence Jenkins
Zeke Romany Malco
Bennett Gary Owen
Kristen Gabrielle Union
Isaac Adam Brody
Director Tim Story
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: SonyGuidance: Drug abuse, some swearing, sexual references.Available on: DVDReleased on: 19 Sep 2014