The March Sisters at Christmas

The March Sisters at Christmas

John Stimpson (2012)

PG Certificate


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Louisa May Alcott's Little Women is done no favours in this flimsy and charmless update of the literary classic. Peppered with sexual references and with the siblings' virtues almost lost amid their booze-swilling and exaggeratedly modern behaviour, the throwaway TV movie sees the quartet out to prevent the selling of their family home in the run-up to Christmas, while also handling various personal and romantic challenges. Naturally, there are lots of simplistic lessons in the montage-heavy events, as things go wrong and youngest sister Amy (Molly Kunz) provokes antagonism thanks to her annoying immaturity. Quick-fire and easy resolutions compound the comedy's slightness, and the result is a contrived, Christmas Eve finale that brings predictable happy endings but none of the warmth associated with Alcott's beloved original story.


Four sisters are shocked to learn their family home will have to be sold because of the the massive amount of repair work it needs. When their parents go away, the girls come up with a plan to restore the place themselves and have it back to its former glory by Christmas. Drama inspired by Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, starring Julie Marie Berman, Kaitlin Doubleday, Melissa Farman and Molly Kunz.

Cast & Crew

Jo March Julie Marie Berman
Meg March Kaitlin Doubleday
Beth March Melissa Farman
Amy March Molly Kunz
Mr Lawrence John Shea
Teddy Lawrence Justin Bruening
John Brooke Charlie Hofheimer
Marcus Baer Mark Famiglietti
Director John Stimpson
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Language: EnglishColour