Former Doctor Who star Pearl Mackie is starring in a brand new horror podcast for Audible – and the audio drama is sure to frighten all those brave enough to listen.


Set on a Yorkshire farm, Sour Hall follows a couple (played by Mackie and former Coronation Street star Lucy Fallon) who are haunted by a boggart, and Mackie admits that she herself had a couple of scary moments while recording the podcast.

"We were all staying on location in these cottages in Yorkshire," she explained to "So at one point there was a lot of banging, and that was the first night I was there. You know what it’s like, first night and you’re all a bit 'ooooh, I don’t really know what’s going on' with all this howling outside.

"And I heard this banging outside in the middle of the night and I was just like 'Oh God you need to calm down, it’s obviously not a boggart! You need to calm down, you’re probably just a little bit excited, the adrenaline of the first day of work’s probably just getting to you.'"

She continued, "So yeah, I scared myself a little bit but we didn’t do that much recording in the evening – I think if we had done actual night stuff it would have been really terrifying!"

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Mackie also revealed that while she finds the genre "fascinating", she's not traditionally been a fan of horror – admitting that in the past she's ruled out watching horror films because she finds them too scary. But she says a conversation she had with Get Out star Alison Williams convinced her to give the genre another go.

"I worked with Alison Williams, who obviously had worked on Get Out previously," she said. "And she was like 'trust me I used to be so scared of horror films.' But when you work on something within the horror genre you start to really enjoy them and understand that, so I think Sour Hall has been really helpful."

Mackie added that she admires how horror can touch on serious themes, saying, "I think if you use the genre in a really clever way you can tap into people’s fears. Fears that are quite commonly shared or fears that are quite specific, because sometimes things that are quite specific can end up being quite universal because of the way that they've experienced."

Speaking more generally about the project, Mackie said she was drawn to the podcast by Laura Kirwan-Ashman's script, which she said she found really engaging from the very start.

"I think an interracial lesbian horror story is not something you come across every day," she said, "And particularly for me I really engaged with [her character] Ash.

"There’s a line quite early on in the first episode, where she’s going up to Sour Hall and she’s in the taxi and she’s talking to the taxi driver and he gets a bit funny about her mentioning her girlfriend. And he’s like 'Oh is she also…' and Ash was like, 'What, black or gay?'.

"And I quite like that she’s quite forthright and quite like 'Nah I’m not just sitting here and having this discrimination' – it’s just sort of lovely to have characters who are quite unapologetic like that."


Sour Hall, an original podcast drama is available to download (free for Audible members, free with Audible’s 30-day trial) exclusively Looking for something to watch? Check out our TV Guide.