Steven Moffat: No plans for ‘new-Who’ 10th anniversary celebrations… unless I’m lying

Speaking at the world premiere of Deep Breath, the current showrunner reflects on a decade since the BBC sci-fi show was revived by Russell T Davies


With the Doctor about to debut his brand new face later this August, it’s worth remembering that his biggest ever regeneration happened almost 10 years ago. Although the show’s modern era is often referred to as new-Who, ‘Rose’ starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper first appeared on screen back in 2005.


Speaking at the world premiere of the new series in Cardiff, current show boss Steven Moffat reflected on emerging from the “years of shame” when the programme wasn’t on air, under the leadership of his predecessor Russell T Davies.

“It was Russell doing it in those days, and I was lucky enough to write a two parter. I was absolutely confident, because I wasn’t in the firing line. I read Russell’s first script, which was so brilliant, it was exactly right. It was perfectly faithful to the old show, and yet it was the new show, and I remember thinking this is going to be the biggest show on television. I told them they had nothing to worry about: easy for me to say, they just looked pale and terrified in the way I now look pale and terrified.“ 

Yet the show has bettered even their most optimistic expectations. “Russell said ‘we could get 10 years out of this’. None of us could imagine that nearly ten years later it would be getting a bigger and bigger reaction every year. So that’s just phenomenal, absolutely amazing. It’s terrifying, but dear God I will miss these days when I’m back on BBC 28.”

So, are there any plans to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Nu-Who, perhaps with a special?


“We’ve only just done the 50th!  After the huge fuss over 50 years of Doctor Who, I think it’s time to settle down and move forwards. So we’re not planning that…unless I’m lying.”