President Obama invites Abraham Lincoln back to the White House

The recently re-elected leader of the free world will be welcoming Honest Abe back to Washington this evening for a special preview screening of Spielberg's biopic Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln’s going to be making his first appearance at the White House since 1865 tonight at the express request of President Obama.


Though sadly the current leader of the free world hasn’t tracked down the stovepipe-sporting statesman with the aid of that top-secret TARDIS the Americans keep under lock and key at Area 51.

(What, you though they just kept flying saucers there? Pshaw…)

No, he’s actually going to be hosting a screening of Steven Spielberg’s big-screen biopic about Honest Abe for an audience made up of the film’s cast and crew.

While the White House’s press office didn’t release masses of details about the presidential film night (no word on how much popcorn has been ordered or how many Budweisers they’re putting on ice etc.), The Hollywood Reporter cites “sources” as saying that Spielberg will be in attendance along with stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field, Gloria Reuben and Tommy Lee Jones.

Which isn’t perhaps enormously surprising. After all, both Spielberg and Day-Lewis lent the president their support in the lead up to the recent US election, Spielberg by donating $1m to Obama’s electoral campaign and Day-Lewis by mocking Clint Eastwood’s kooky “empty chair” performance at the Republican National Convention while accepting a Bafta award.

Gratuitous displays of gratitude notwithstanding, an evening spent watching Spielberg’s Oscar shoo-in will make a nice change for the president from his normal TV diet of hard-boiled dramas like Homeland, The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, which we’ve examined at length elsewhere.


Lincoln won’t be released in cinemas until Friday 25 January and, seeing as you probably won’t be popping over to Washington DC to check it out with the president this evening, you’ll just have to content yourself with the trailer for now: