Inspector George Gently

Series 4 - 1. Gently Upside Down

Gently Upside Down
Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

The body of a teenage girl is discovered in the woods outside Durham. She’s been strangled. In town her friends are happily slapping on the make-up and hitching up their hemlines in preparation for going to Upside Down, a TV show that’s an obvious stand-in for Ready Steady Go but with Neil Morrissey as a lecherous host.

This is the 1960s of Inspector George Gently – a time when sexual equality was in its infancy and a slug of Scotch, a fag and a clout round the head were all a good copper needed to help him solve a crime.

As Gently, Martin Shaw’s accent has finally stopped roaming around the country, while his character’s relationship with sidekick John Bacchus (Lee Ingleby) gives us some warmly humorous moments.

About this programme

1/2. A schoolgirl's killing brings Gently into the alien world of pop and media celebrity when it turns out the victim's best friend is a rising TV star. Bacchus suspects the dead girl's music teacher, since rumours persist that she was having an affair with him. But when it seems everyone has a different opinion of the girl, Gently must uncover these different faces to get to the truth of her murder. Neil Morrissey guest stars alongside Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby.

Cast and crew


Insp George Gently
Martin Shaw
John Bacchus
Lee Ingleby
Joe Claverton
Sean Gilder
Neil Morrissey
Peter Holdaway
Vincent Regan
Hazel Holdaway
Kate Bracken
Margaret Holdaway
Louise Delamere
Shelley Marshall
Jade Byrne
Kieran Bew
PC Taylor
Simon Hubbard
Christopher Coghill
Eva Quinn
Ross McKenzie
Mary Claverton
Shannon Tarbet
Sheila Claverton
Juliet Cowan
Amelia Nugent
Therase Neve
Kaye Wragg
School secretary
Janine Birkett


Nicholas Renton
Caroline Levy
Peter Flannery
Stewart Harcourt