The grandparents of Kyle Chalmers watched him win gold and their reaction is just adorable

Brace yourself


The grandparents of Australian Olympic swimmer Kyle Chalmers were overcome with emotion and pride as they watched their grandson in Rio winning the gold medal in under 48 seconds during the men’s 100m freestyle.


It’s possibly the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen. At points it’s almost hard to watch because it’s so intense.

They have matching armchairs and matching tops and Granny Chalmers is literally speechless for the entire video.

Grandad Chalmers’ best bit is “Come on boy, get those flippers going” – which is an accurate description given that aged 13 Kyle reportedly had size 15 feet.


And if you’re tempted to click out the moment Kyle wins, don’t. Their kiss at the end is so cute we want to weep.