Drivers must accumulates as many points as possible to win championships, but how does the system work?


Like many sports, F1 rewards drivers for good performance on a points-based system, and the driver who tallies the highest number of points at the end of the season will win the World Championship.

Points are generally weighted heavier towards the top end of the results charts, with 25 on offer for a victory, while the driver who finished in tenth will get a solitary point.

In what proved to be another dominant season in 2023 for Max Verstappen, the Red Bull driver managed to earn a whopping 575 points – more than double the total of his team-mate Sergio Perez who ended the season as runner-up. will look in more detail at how points are awarded to drivers and constructors.

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How many points are awarded in F1?

On the basis that 75 to 100 per cent of the race is completed, drivers are awarded the following points totals per race:

  1. 25pts
  2. 18pts
  3. 15pts
  4. 12pts
  5. 10pts
  6. 8pts
  7. 6pts
  8. 4pts
  9. 2pts
  10. 1pt

The driver with the fastest lap receives one additional bonus point, providing they finish inside the top 10 on race day.

How many points are awarded in F1 Sprint?

Some races include Sprint race qualifying. This involves a shortened race with the finishing order then replicated onto the Grand Prix starting grid.

Sprint races are also incentivised by points as follows:

  1. 8pts
  2. 7pts
  3. 6pts
  4. 5pts
  5. 4pts
  6. 3pts
  7. 2pts
  8. 1pts

How many points are awarded if a race is cancelled?

Races can sometimes be cancelled mid-Grand Prix. Reasons for abandonment could include a severe accident where safety equipment cannot be fixed or overwhelmingly poor weather conditions, including thunderstorms.

In the instance of a cancellation, points are awarded based on how far through the race was when it was curtailed.

If a race is cancelled with 50 to 75 per cent of the laps completed:

  1. 19pts
  2. 14pts
  3. 12pts
  4. 10pts
  5. 8pts
  6. 6pts
  7. 4pts
  8. 3pts
  9. 2pts
  10. 1pts

If a race is cancelled with 50 to 25 per cent of the laps completed:

  1. 13pts
  2. 10pts
  3. 8pts
  4. 6pts
  5. 5pts
  6. 4pts
  7. 3pts
  8. 2pts
  9. 1pts
  10. None

If a race is cancelled with two laps to 25 per cent of the laps completed:

  1. 6pts
  2. 4pts
  3. 3pts
  4. 2pts
  5. 1pts
  6. None

If a race is cancelled before two full laps have been completed, no points will be awarded.


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