The Formula 1 Driver of the Day vote has soared to new heights given the legions of new fans that have poured into the sport in recent years.


The 'Drive to Survive' effect has seen drivers' popularities rise enormously since fans were able to go behind the scenes.

However, while popularity can sometimes play a part in the Driver of the Day polling, the winner is almost always a worthy victor.

Max Verstappen looks set to dominate once more in 2024 and while he may pick up some early wins in the fan polls, expect other popular faces to get a shout-out along the way. brings you all the details for voting for your F1 Driver of the Day.

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How to vote for your F1 Driver of the Day

Voting for your F1 Driver of the Day is a simple process.

All you need to do is head over to the official F1 website Driver of the Day voting page and make your decision.

The Driver of the Day vote opens during a Grand Prix, so you can sneak in early to upvote your favourite without rubber hitting the road.

Real-time poll results are often broadcast towards the end of races, with a standout favourite usually top of the charts.

The winner will then be announced towards the end of a Grand Prix and the driver will be informed during their final cooldown lap as they return their car to the pit lane after the race.


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