How the internet responded to last night’s England v Uruguay game

Anxiety turned to excitement, which turned to hope which turned to, well, a whole lot of angry (and rather amusing) tweets

Last night’s England v Uruguay World Cup game saw Roy Hodgson’s men leave the pitch with another 2-1 defeat to their name.


Here at we’d been doing the maths on whether England would be knocked out if they lost the match, secretly hoping, of course, that it would turn out to be a pointless bit of activity.

But no such luck.

Twitter was filled with the minute-by-minute emotions of fans, which ranged from anxious excitement to outright pain…

The (fake Twitter) Queen had some thoughts for the team

… which was later followed by this rather unregal mention

Some managed to keep the positivity a bit longer

Others, not so much

Some were apparently blissfully unaware of what was even going on

While others thought up elaborate plans that would enable us to save the situation

England’s one goal caused quite a lot of fuss

But it wasn’t enough to completely raise spirits

Even the big guy couldn’t be moved on the issue

Gosh, even the fruit was confused

Depressed Darth Vader had some ideas on how England fans felt when the game came to its sad end


It’s OK though, there’s still hope. In fact, maybe this guy can help?