Gary Lineker braces himself for BBC salary reveal: “now where did I put my tin helmet?”

The star took to Twitter to anticipate a backlash


Today, the BBC will reveal the salaries of its highest paid TV and radio personalities, as prompted by the government. And Gary Lineker is one star preparing himself for a potential backlash.


Lineker took to Twitter this morning:

BBC have been forced to reveal the salaries of on-screen stars over £150,000 by a new charter as negotiated by Culture Secretary Karen Bradley in an effort to make the broadcaster more open and transparent.

“Licence fee payers have a right to know where their money goes,” Bradley said back in December 2016, when the news was revealed. “By making the BBC more transparent it will help deliver savings that can then be invested in even more great programmes.”


Recently, it was suggested that the announcement could reveal a disparity in the pay between male and female stars, which could lead to further public backlash. You might want to dig out the full-body suit, Gary.